Are video games art?


Or are they, perhaps, school buses?

Think about it.


Real question though—the buses with the hood in front like that? Or the ones with the flat front?


flat front. just a box on wheels. efficiently utilitarian, yet dumb as hell

never seen one with a hood like the one in the OP. shit looks like a hotrod in comparison


the exports of videogames are numerous in amount; one thing they export is half-A-presses, or as the runners call them, “PUs.”

in conclusion, videogames is a land of contrasts


I came in here to type something along the lines of “Are video games fart?”

But I left realizing I never noticed whether any school bus I ever rode on had a hood or was flat in the front. indeed.


Not all Video-Games are art, but all buses are yellow.


That maaaaay have just been a Canada thing


consider, perhaps:




truely jocko is a hero of our medium


Oh. Fuck.

15 characters


they call me the discourse elevator


But are they a soup tho?


I consider them to be sea snakes


mantis bus is an easy fave


Art can be shells for hermit crabs. Dada also showed art can be a toilet. Video games are a toilet. Therefore, video games are shells for hermit crabs.



Who’s ready for some videogames?


This video game didn’t settle for a typical bad world map projection and shows it’s creators cared about presenting a more accurate map therefore it is fine art.


Perhaps we were off by just one letter—are games BART?


Toe to tip, that’s a video game