Are video games art?




Flatnose buses are way harder (and therefor expensive) to do maintenance on which is why the other type exists and probably always will. You wouldn’t think it but the extended nose is actually significantly more aerodynamic too

when it comes to big trucks you only see flatnose trucks in Europe where the total length of the vehicle (tractor + trailer) is strictly regulated so they have to make the tractor as stubby as possible. in the US and other places where the limit is just on the cargo they don’t use flatnoses except in very special circumstances where they need maximum volume before they get over the weight limits

but really it’s because school districts are always broke and a dognose bus can be built on top of a regular vocational truck chassis for cheap versus a flatnose bus which is generally more of a speciality item


Excuse me, this thread is about ART, not automotive engineering.


ART stands for “Automotive engineering (ReTweet if you agree)”


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