Are You a Bad Enough Lady to Save the King of Denmark?


I thought that people here might appreciate having Elsinore on their radar.

In the broadest and slightly spoilery terms, it’s Shakespeare meets Groundhog Day. You play as Ophelia as she lives and re-lives the events of Hamlet and tries to change the outcome of one the English language’s greatest tragedies. You also get to unravel a bunch of other mysteries contributing to the smell of something rotten in the state of Denmark.


hey! thanks I’m definitely gonna check this out
why aren’t more videogames tragic time loops?


I dunno, it really seems like the perfect medium for it. I guess the concept is kiiiinda gaining ground with narratively significant New Game+ mechanics?


Oh uh, if you’re really interested in this device, you might want to know it’s relatively common in visual novels!

The textbook case would be the When They Cry series by Ryukishi07. First, Higurashi When They Cry, a murder mystery set in June 1983 in the Japanese countryside. The same writer later made Umineko When They Cry, very much in the same vein, though on an isolated island and with many more meta-textual elements.
I think it’s also the key concept in the Tragedy Looper board game, which was possibly inspired by the series, or at least by visual novels.

I’d love to see this device used more broadly in games & interactive fiction, I’ll definitely check out this game!