ArenaNet's Mass Lay Offs

The hits just keep coming folks. I’m mad as hell about this one for a few reasons. They only announced there would be layoffs, not the size or scope or the teams that might be affected. So most folks are now just in this limbo of wondering if they’ll be fired or not. On top of this, according to folks I know at ArenaNet, a lot of staff found out about these layoffs 10 minutes before the meetings about them. Kotaku published this article before some folks in ArenaNet got confirmation that there would be layoffs.

Games really need to unionize cause layoffs just seem to be getting more and more common.


One thing to bear in mind is that layoffs are seasonal. From what I understand, we’re in a spate of them at the moment as companies look to make their balance sheets look better at the end of Q1 (which is also, from what I understand, typically a weak quarter for sales/releases). It keeps ‘fiscal responsibility’ fresh in the eyes of the shareholders as they start reporting their earnings, helping to cushion the impact of underperformance (whether actual or compared to target).

This isn’t an endorsement, but it’s important to remember that layoffs are endemic in the industry. We’re not necessarily in a pulse moment, we’re in a moment where people are actually paying attention to it – the real horror is knowing how common this is as a practice, as you’d undoubtedly find similar stories in Q1 going back a long time in the industry.

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This will keep happening and even unionisation won’t stop it, it’s a problem at the core of capitalism.

That said we need unionisation right now, collective bargaining is the only way for workers to avoid the worst effects of such layoffs within the confines of the current systems. Last GDC sparked off Game Workers Unite, I hope this GDC will lead to further penetration of the movement in this industry. It’s about damn time.

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I’m going to guess that everyone involved in immediately caving to the trash harassing ArenaNet developers last summer is going to keep their jobs.

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Yes, because from my understanding that was basically Mike O’Brien’s call

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To be clear, not saying a union would stop this, but it would workers who would be affected by layoffs.

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Yea for sure, I am more just exasperated by the situation, this is more of a general statement to the void rather that a direct reply to your point :slight_smile:

Right right. Forgot if it was just him or him and the chain of command below him.

Well, I guess ArenaNet is in need of a little chop chop off the top then. Much more than these layoffs.

Speaking of hits that just keep on coming today, it looks like EA is also laying off a large amount of developers from their Australian studio, FireMonkeys.

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