ARMA 3 Waypoint Group

Well given that it’s been several tries at making Thursday a thing, both Waypoint and my group of friends don’t seem to be able to get that going anymore. So I’m just going to drop it and stick to Saturdays 3pm EST from here out.

And sadly I won’t be able to this Saturday as I’ve only just learned I’ll be away. If someone wants to take over I can set up the server for you to play though so give me a shout if you’d like to take the mantle for Saturday since I know a few people have said they can make this Saturday.

ah, sorry to hear that. Thursday had the best potential with my schedule but each time I ended up with other random plans. If no one else is game though, than yeah, doesn’t make much sense.

I’ll try to make next Saturday happen (busy this Saturday as well)!

I’m also busy this Saturday, but would be down for the one after that.

Tomorrow around 3pm EST we will be shooting things again!

Having missed last week I have been thinking about it all week. I’ve started writing out some possible scenarios to code and work on for the future. Given that we’re adopting ACE I thought about creating a mission where the goal is not in fact to kill all enemies but instead to take as many of them prisoner as possible. This presents two unique challenges to ARMA and AI. Since AI are by default not coded to ever give up we would need to code a script of some sort where a unit goes below 25% HP they drop their weapon and immediately go prone. This is expertise I don’t have anymore and really don’t want to figure out at the moment.

With ACE we do have the ability to incapacitate though. By default less-than-lethal hits have a 50/50 chance to knock a unit unconscious. Playing with this setting is absolutely terrifying since we often expect anyone going down to be dead. But then they get back up and immediately shoot us. However with ACE you can also zip tie people to arrest them. And you can do this to unconscious units. This presents an out-the-box method of running a mission where your goals are to capture units alive, where we’d need to immediately tend to their wounds as well to keep them healthy. This would also require our team to use the least-lethal weapons possible to ensure we are incapacitating more often than not.

I imagine the scenario playing out where our team ambushes a group of 10-15 units as fast as possible. It would be most players responsibility to go to an incapacitated unit and zip tie them. Then move on to ensure all the threats are dead or incapacitated. It would be the job of the medic to then bandage and treat all units before they can bleed out from their wounds. We would probably need two medics just in case members of our team get incapacitated also and need treatment. If the area is secured, everyone on the team should be rushing to bandage any incapacitated units they can find.

From there it’s a simple matter of loading all captured enemies into a truck and bringing them back to where we started. Roleplaying why we need to do this and where to bring them back to is something extra to consider. And also allows for additional scenarios such as having our captured units convoy getting ambushed in an attempt to rescue their forces. We could even swap sides and roleplay the rescue of the people we just captured.

There is more I’d like to do with this sort of scenario but the basis of it is this. It’s possible I’ll have a working prototype next week to try out. Thought I’d share and see what thoughts people had. :grin:

See ya tomorrow!

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That sounds wild but fun! It could be pretty hard to balance cause we would need to rely on handguns or submachine guns. And probably a sizeable amount of players, but I’d be down to prototype

We “did it”! We “Escaped”!


Y’all. I can’t even describe the editing hell I just went through to make this clip possible, but let’s just say it took me well over 4 hours and exactly 140 cuts. Nevertheless, it’s salvaged now!
This was the MRAP incident from today’s session, enjoy. :smiley:

(I was actually responding to radio calls there, but my recording solution just didn’t record my voice comms)


Oh that MRAP. I thought it was a different one from earlier you clipped where all three of you were down and I shot like 3 HE rockets into it before it died. :joy:

The best part was that none of us apparently shot the rocket. It was an AI who decided we were less of a threat than the car so it ignored you guys and shot it!

Yeah, the AI ignored both me and Sir Kodiak’s advance on them to fire that rocket, and from my position I didn’t know where those rockets were landing, I was just trying to clear the checkpoint. I loved the moment we all realized what had happened.

Definitely want to document more next time, but here’s a couple commemorative photos:


Oh beautiful EVAC, we hardly knew ya…
I still have no idea how it managed to crash upside down.

That moment was all a bit of a blur, but I believe it was landing when it got blown up and the explosion flipped it.

Hey everyone!

I made a Doodle poll to find an alternative date for those that can’t make it to our regular sessions. I’d like to encourage everyone who is interested to take a look at it so we can accommodate more people in the future. :grinning:

Waypoint ARMA Group - Doodle

Please ignore the actual dates in that poll, I just picked those to make things easier to read. This is just about finding an ideal time slot, so check those hours you are most comfortable with under each possible day of the week. Also, please keep in mind that this is about the potential starting point of a session. Our sessions tend to run around 2 to 3 hours.


Won’t be able to make tomorrow at the normal start time (family in town), but things get bumped up early (before 12pm EDT) or late (after 8pm EDT) let me know and I should be able to join. Cheers!

So, I’ve done some tests in regards to ACE3’s Night Vision module. The default settings make night missions borderline unplayable imo. This is primarily an issue of the engine, because its light simulation is kind of basic so there’s just not much to work with.
Thankfully, you can easily customize almost every aspect of ACE. You can even allow those settings to override mission and server settings. There is a way for servers to ultimately override whatever you have set there, but that’s disabled by default and has to be explicitly set by the server admin.
You can find these settings under Options > Addon Options > ‘ACE Nightvision’ (in the drop down menu)

NVG Effect Scale
Determines how pronounced the NV effect is.
(0.0 reverts NV back to vanilla ARMA behaviour, but is also bugged and will disable the vanilla NV overlay aka massively increasing the field of view in NV; see screenshot below)

NVG Fog Scale
Determines how far you can see in NV.

NVG Noise Scale
Determines the size of the noise ‘pixels’ in NV.

Aim Down Sights Blur
Strength of the blur effect when trying to ADS.
(This one is very noticable, even on 0.1. Their reasoning for this is, that you can’t use sights properly with NV goggles on, because those goggles can not adjust their focal point. This heavily incentivises the use of IR lasers and tracer rounds.)

Disable NVGs in scope
Does what it says, but vanilla ARMA already only allows reflex sights in NV. Probably best kept off.
Shutter Effects
Repeated muzzle flashes will lead to a black flickering in NV. I recommend turning it off for health reasons. (Seizure warning!)

Here are the test screenshots using various settings. All were taken on a high hill on Altis at midnight with standard Gen 3 NV goggles. Moon was half full and cloud coverage at 30%. Overall favorable conditions, anything worse would degrade NV quality significantly.

ACE NV at 1.0

ACE NV at 0.5

ACE NV at 0.1

Vanilla ARMA w/o overlay

The first two setups make it impossible to even see vague silhouettes, despite 0.5 being noticeably brighter. 0.1 seems to work kind of at least, but the vanilla NV effect is way up there in terms of clarity. I have to add that I did try to use some flares to get more light into those ACE NV goggles, but those didn’t help at all.

We can handle this a couple of ways:

  1. Make a custom ACE version by installing it manually and removing the ace_nightvision.pbo from its folder. (Annoying to do and to maintain, but it will revert to the vanilla NV effect without removing the overlay)
  2. We just set NVG Effect Scale to 0.0. (Easiest options, but would make NVGs really OP)
  3. We all set the NVG options to 0.1. (Still easy to do, provided we don’t stumble over a server override.)

These are the settings I’m currently using, it’s important to tick all those boxes under Overwrite Clients/Mission.


Decided to recap yesterdays session on Discord. Also decided to share what happened here for peoples’ enjoyment.

to part the kimono as it were about our session we just had that Siberian was talking about. We were exhausted after a ridiculous odyssey of chaos where we could not find the final objective. So I told everyone we were abandoning it, going to call for evac, and escape. To expect a final assault on us before we did so. We were at an airport ATC tower with open fields/runaway around us. I spawned in 3 squads of baddies to charge us from all directions and then spawned in rescue and attack helicopters to land by the tower.

If I was super serious I would have been telling people not to be on the top floor of the tower or climb onto the roof since in ARMA that is a baaad idea. But I let people get themselves incapped. Which lead to people rescuing them… only to get incapped themselves. And then four of us at the top of the tower all got revived only to get completely destroyed because there was one very specific window in the stairwell where four AI’s could see us clearly and none of us were paying attention to. So we all got destroyed on the top of the tower. At this point is was only Siberian left alive and struggling to revive people.

Soooo I decided this mission was a failure. And I made the AI aggressive fire rockets at our tower. But then I got impatient and decided to dungeon master an explosive specialist at the base of our tower. Planted several charges and blew them up with the AI still standing on them. The upper half of the tower (where most of us were) collapsed and crumbled down. But somehow despite this Siberian survived . Which I didn’t want to happen!! So I had to very manually order one of the machine gunner units to open the door of the remnants of the tower and climb up it. He brutally murdered Siberian while he was trying to revive the only person who was still able to be rescued. And then I threw a “Mission Completed” task and we laughed.


I’ve been talking to my close friends and have heard a lot of input from our regular ARMA players about the future direction of our group. I wanted to give people an overview and update on what I’m thinking and what will be happening for the future.

As of this weekend I send about 12 invites out and we get consistently between 4-6 players every ARMA day. With each passing week the number of invites goes up 1-2. We had one event two weeks ago where we had 8 players. We’re growing to the point now where running around as one big group isn’t working out well because having 6-8 people on the same radio channel is too chaotic and we are often getting bogged down trying to locate incapacitated friendlies because it’s very hard to keep track of where everyone is as a big group. A few people have commented to me already that we ought to be forming teams when we play and splitting into separate radio channels.

This has the upside of making our comms much more manageable and keeping to small teams means it’s easier for us to keep track of our team members. It’s a necessary step we’re going to have to take eventually once we are consistently getting 8-10 people coming to play ARMA. This does present new issues and opportunities for me however.

One thing we do need as a result is team leaders. I’ve been being the defacto team leader when we play since I’ve been hosting the events. However I really don’t want to be the team leader as it keeps me very busy from being able to effectively DM missions when we play. Having to worry about everyone on the team being alive, having a fun time, worrying about where the enemy is, worrying about comms, worrying about DMing, etc becomes overwhelming really fast. And as we keep growing I’d much rather take the role of squad leader. That way I can stay behind the teams and no longer have to worry about people individually. I can keep inter-team comms going well. And I can DM without worrying about getting shot by an AI or having to quickly rescue someone.

However like with any group it’s rare someone wants to be a team leader. Having 2-3 people depend on you to lead them through missions can be stressful. But with the way things are going we are inevitably going to need them more as we grow. I talked to my group of friends and LegitThinSleazy aka Ethan is willing to be a team leader as he has experience doing so and I trust him to make sure everyone is playing well and having fun. That means though that we are going to need at least two more. Someone who feels they can regularly come out to play on a weekly or every other week and someone else as backup in case others don’t show.

Again, we would only ever need teams if we have 8+ people consistently which we haven’t quite gotten to yet. But I’d like people to have it on their minds. If you’re willing to be a team leader on occasion let me know here or on Discord. You wouldn’t be doing it alone and we’d all make sure you know how to ARMA as a group effectively. And manage TFAR radios. For everyone else they’d only have to listen to a frequency with their teammates. But team leaders need to have 2 radios, listening to two freqs, and knowing how to switch between communicating on the either on the fly. Plus team leading 2-3 people is a heck of a lot easier than my so-far team leading of 6-8 people. It would be a huge relief and let me focus on building/conducting missions more closely. If you’re interested please post or give me a shout privately if you’d prefer.

The other consideration going forward is going to be what missions we’re playing. So far I’ve always defaulted to one of the missions listed in the OP because I know they are good for small groups and consistently fun/easy to understand. Going forward though if we have 8+ people regularly we won’t be able to select those missions both because they’re usually capped at 10 players and they don’t have built-in teams for comms and such. This is a good problem because I wanted to transition into making my own missions and missions people wanted to play going forward. I got a suggestion for making a Halloween themed mission for next week, which would be pretty easy to do with zombies and raptors, flashlights, and walking through a forest. The problem though is making missions is time consuming and unless we can be sure we will have 8-10 players it usually isn’t worth playing those over an Escape/Insurgency/Recon Ops since we will probably have more fun with the latter if there are only 4-5 people.

So keep that in mind! The more people we got the more we can play custom missions that last an hour long with new mechanics/silly scenarios. Otherwise we will just keep on as we have been til we do grow big enough to do our own missions.

Also since it’s come up I thought I’d let people know that myself and two friends are fronting the bill for the server. It’s cheap and between us we got it covered for like a year so no worries about ARMA going away. If we do grow to be over 10 players the cost of increasing slots on the server is trivial. And Canuk volunteered his own server to act as a headless client so we will get even more performance out of our current setup. As long as people want to play I’ll make sure we’re covered to do so. :ok_hand:t3:


Been contemplating this, I really like this idea and glad it’s being thought of, but I don’t think I can commit to stepping up at the moment. As it stands I’m probably the flakiest member with my kids making it hard to have a consistent block of free time on the weekends (case in point, I’m unsure if I can make it tomorrow).

That said, it’s good this is being thought of and it’s good you know where your main interests lie in this, Pez. I’m excited to see the group get a little bigger and hope that growth continues. As you said, more people equal more mission types. Hopefully we can fill out just a bit more so you can explore mission making / DMing a bit more regularly.

If things change down the road, I’d be down to try to team lead. It sounds like a cool way to engage more with the game and with everyone who plays.

Finally, I appreciate you and Canuk picking up the tab on the server. It’s been nice having a dedicated spot for ARMA.


Three people from our session yesterday took some cool screenshots and I wanted to share them so they are seen beyond our Steam Activity Feeds :sweat_smile:


In recent weeks we’ve grown to 20 people to potentially join on our Saturday sessions. The last two weeks we’ve been playing Antistasi with (mostly!) success! People have been asking for more zombie/raptor missions so I’ve been working on making a couple of those balanced for 8+ players.

We’re also going to start to include RHS US+RU into our modlist as we all want more toys to play with and scenarios to go through.

I highly suggest subscribing to these as soon as you read this cause they’re 3~GB so it may take some people awhile to download. Note that if you show up to a Saturday event and you don’t have RHS we won’t force you to sit out. We can always play with it another day and there are plenty of vanilla missions to play.

Two things that I’ve got to do now are: 1) make a guide as to how to install TFAR and setup mods through the ARMA launcher. I’ve done it a dozen times and while I’m happy to keep doing it it’s been pointed out to me that it would probably be better for others to share that guide and teach people the basics.

The other is that we’re large enough that being called “ARMA 3 Waypoint Group” or “Shootymans” as I labelled our TS channel is…a weak name. And I really am a creatively challenged person who cannot name things at all. So if anyone has any suggestions on what we should name our ARMA group please propose them cause I’m dying to give our group a proper name. :smiley:

I’ve also increased the slots on the server from 10 -> 16.

If anyone has any suggestions for the group or me, let me know!


yay, i get to use an m4 now

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