ARMA 3 Waypoint Group


This is belter news, I know I haven’t played in a while but it’s good to know there’s people interested


Just as a heads-up: ACE and RHS aren’t really compatible with each other. It works most of the time, but there are some bugs here and there.
One of the big ones to be aware of is, that most of the RHS explosives don’t work with ACE. Like, you can’t place and arm them via the ACE menu and can’t connect them to specific fuses. I haven’t tested if the ACE mine detector can even detect them, but I assume it can.
Another odd bug is, that sometimes it will simply not show some (or all) of the ammo types for particular weapons in the Arsenal. Mostly, the PKM/PKP type of weapons. Only way to access that ammo is through unit spawns, scripts/console commands or if it was manually places somewhere beforehand via the editor.

Also, try to avoid using vanilla equipment inside RHS missions. All the armor and weapons were balanced to work inside RHS only, so vanilla stuff might not work as intended. (For example: Most vanilla launchers don’t work really well or even worse on RHS vehicles)
Explosives might be an exception here. So far I haven’t seen that much difference between them, but I also didn’t test the anti-tank mines yet.