ARMS Testpunch Impressions!


Now that this weekend of ARMS beta testing is done, what does everyone think of the game? I tried playing with motion controls during the first hour I played, but it just made my arms tired and I ended up making a lot of mistakes from not holding the controllers at the right angle, or turning my fist when I didn’t mean to, so on and so forth. I switched to regular controls for the rest, and while clicking in the analog stick to block sucks, I definitely felt better overall about my play (even if I lost just as much, I at least lost doing what I intended to do).

I mainly played Minmin during the test, especially once I figured out alternate colors and discovered she has a sick white and red palette to play with. The midair kick that deflects punches didn’t work out super well for me, but the one (1) time I managed to successfully do it, I felt so cool I immediately told my friends about it even though it was at 5am and nobody was awake. I was a bit disappointed in her Dragon arm, the lazer never quite worked out for me, and by the end I was sticking with Ramram on one arm for side attacks and getting around barriers and Megawatt on the other for BIG DAMAGE.

I had mixed feelings on the various modes of the game. 1v1 was always pretty good. The 3- and 4-player Free For All matches I disliked at first, but eventually warmed up to once I figured out how to change targets and dodge attacks more effectively. Eventually, they just became absolutely hectic and ludicrous, and I ended up enjoying those a ton by the end. 2v2 tether matches I had mixed feelings on, mostly depending on how much my aggressive playstyle meshed with how my partner played. Volleyball was…ugh. I know it’s a silly alternate game mode to mix things up, and maybe if I was playing a different character I’d have more luck, but the volleyball game was just a confusing mess to me, and I always got beat at it, unless it was 2v2 and I had a partner to make up for my mistakes.

Overall, I’m really looking forward to the game! What’s everyone else thinking? Liked? Didn’t like? Who are you planning on maining?


I messed around with a bunch of different fighters and arm combos. Cant say I did very well but I had fun and can def see myself getting into this. I actually really liked the volleyball mode, but hated the stairs esp when there were three way battles. It was just too hard to move to see both opponents, mostly cause I couldnt turn very well.


Haha, you could almost be me!

I only played twice. Tried everyone with various ARMS first time. The second time… Min Min exclusively. I also had the Ram Ram (right) and Megawatt (left). I had the black and yellow outfit though.

Loved it.

I only used traditional controls, though I meant to try motion out.

I’m not really big into fighting games, but this was really different and fun.

2v2 I found really difficult and unwieldy most times.

The most fun I had was with 1v1 or the free for all between 3 or 4 players.

… and no lag! It was flawless.

Definitely a purchase.