Arrowverse Thread!


If you love melodrama, drawn out romantic subplots, and actual fun DC entertainment, you have come to the right place!

Dont be afraid to talk about all Arrowverse shows including (but not limited to): Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, and Vixen(?)


I can’t believe I’ve fucking watched goddamn. 5 whole ass seasons of Arrow.

Legends of Tomorrow is good though. It is unabashed goofy bullshit and I love it.


I love The Flash, even when it’s bad.


This season has been especially awful but it did grace us with that musical episode so I cant be too mad


Olicity is the Devil and i hope it never comes back Also That SuperGirl Flash Musical Ep was great


I hope Arrow continues to improve, this season so far has been alright for sure. But then again last season set a real low bar.

But nevermind that: holy shit is Legends of Tomorrow rad as hell or what?!


Legends of Tomorrow is straight up amazing, and it has no right to be


Sara Lance travelling through time doing gay shit makes this singlehandedly better than any Marvel/DC Movie Universe schlock imo


Legends of Tomorrow was the sharpest turn, they realized that they needed to embrace goofy and they embraced goofy. And it worked out spectacularly.


I was kinda bummed to learn that Yao Fei had League training (or at least al Ghul training). I liked him as a sort of Archer-Above-All, my-dad-could-beat-up-your-dad-if-he-didn’t-die-in-season-1 character. Like Syrio Forel. I guess he could’ve gone beyond that after Talia, but he was the one remaining archer not directly tied to the League and that was nice.


Im personally getting a little worn out on everyone either being a meta or ex league. Thats why Heatwave and Captain Cold are so cool, they’re just dudes.


I’m loving Curtis and his T-spheres, he’s finally fitting his role a lot better the last few episodes. The Alex and Maggie plot has been done really well too. Sara and her sexcapades are a joy.GIVE ME THAT GOOD GAY SH*T.

Also what ever happened to Captain Singh? I miss him always getting on Barry’s ass. :smirk:


What I love about Legends of Tomorrow is that it’s pure comic books. Everyone thinks of comics in terms of Batman: Year One and Batman Begins (see Arrow) but Legends is pure 1980/1990s comic book insanity and I love it for that.

It is NOT ashamed of its source material.


Captain singh doesnt matter until he super matters, which I guess was only twice this season? In fact there has been very little police stuff this season


Season 2 hit a massive stride. Having a group of good villains was way better than just one boring one. And the show is way more self aware now, but not obnoxiously so


Yeah. I actually really like the Merlyn/Darhk/Snart dynamic. Thawne is fine but he just hasn’t been the same since he stopped being played by Tom Cavanagh.


Thawne is campy enough, but no villain in any of these shows will ever reach peak Cavanagh in Flash season 1.


I dropped out of Legends of Tomorrow (and all of these shows except Supergirl so far), how does Thawne stand up as a villain separated from Hating Barry Allen?
(I like to imagine that everything he does in LoT is part of a circuitous plot to ruin barry’s life but, maybe he has other things going on)


Thawne is mostly out to save his own butt this season.

I wish there was a more dynamic between Merlyn, Darhk and Thawne, and more Snart in general. While I like Merlyn and Darhk secretly teaming up to try and take power from Thawne, I felt it was played up too much. More Snart. He’s one of my favorite villains in the arrow-verse and he was under-utilized.


He actually works very fine as a villain when seperated from The Flash. It also helps that he has three other villains to bounce off of, and the chemistry is great. If you get back into any of these shows you dropped off of, I heavily suggest it be Legends