Art Leak Suggests 'Resident Evil 3' Remake Is Very Real

Cover art for a remake of Resident Evil 3 has leaked online before an official announcement from Capcom. The art appeared on Gamestat, a site that tracks everything added to the PlayStation Network. Long rumored, the critical and commercial success of the Resident Evil 2 Remake made a redo of Resident Evil 3 inevitable. It also represents a chance for Capcom to update one of the most unloved entries in the Resident Evil franchise.

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All this Resident Evil remake talk got me thinking about one of the best Jeff rants:


“That’s what’s Capcom’s beens doings.”


capcom’s making a new videogame, y’all




I feel incredibly called out by the image of the person in the hospital bed and the whole “I guess I’ll buy it again” thing. Resident Evil 4 and Skyrim I swear… someone please help me lol


Very excited. The remake of RE2 was excellent and its engine is perfect for a revival of the 3rd game; some aspects of 2 almost seemed like a technical demo of what this game could be. Very hype for Mr. X: This Time It Never Stops

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So, I know that a lot of people consider RE4 to be sacred/fine-as-is (myself included, tbh), but I’d still like to see it in this new engine.


I revisited RE4 this year after playing the RE2 remake. I really struggled to enjoy playing 4.
I have the most intensely fond memories of spending time with 4 at it’s GameCube launch. I beat it over and over for the better part of that year. For me it just couldn’t hold a candle to REmake 2 or the RE HD Remaster which I also played this year.
I’m kinda sad about it.

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Looking forward to the Code Veronica remake, myself.


These are few remakes that I’m generally okay with because they are new games in all but name. Aesthetically, mechanically, tonally; they are just completely different beasts from the originals and so they neither aim to replace, nor actually replace the original works (and anyone who says otherwise is a hack).

Similarly I am a-okay with FF7 remake because it’s not FF7. It’s a modern re-interpretation of FF7 using completely different aesthetic and mechanical choices to tell the same story. To put it reductively: the gus van sant shot-for-shot (kind of) remake of Psycho? Bad. The Soska Sister’s re-inteprative remake of Rabid? Good. If you’re actually creating a new thing out of the ideas of the old thing, that’s fine and good. I’d maybe prefer a sequel, or to just play that old game again, but they have their place.


Dunno, all I remember is Anime Wesker and that time I had to beat a boss on a plane with a knife because I didn’t have enough ammo and no earlier saves.

Say what you will, but between REmake and 2, Resident Evil earned the asterisk on the “REMAKES NEEDLESSLY OBFUSCATE THE LEGACY OF A GAME FOR PROFIT*” soapbox that I’m forced to internally have every time one is brought up.

At least Capcom’s not Nintendo, whom fuckin’ insists on remaking beloved cult classics in a way that at least part of why the original is loved is left behind (not naming names, Metroid 2 or Majora’s Mask. Wait)

I’m legit curious what you mean regarding Majora’s Mask? I had never given this much thought about the way it was remade so I’m curious to hear the criticism.

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So if people want some good old fashioned rumor-mongering (and for the record, this guy leaked other Resident Evil stuff that turned out to be true):

(I spoiler’d the post just in case people don’t want to know anything and go into the game without any idea of what kind of game it is. Again, this may be all false but just in case it isn’t…)

I don’t think you should be worried. Just expect it to not tread on REmake 2 too much and you’ll be fine.

Okay, I’m going to lay-down a breadcrumb. There’s some details I think people missed about Resistance and a leak involving Outbreakers that kinda’ spelled things out (but many seemed to miss this), but one of the big motifs of REmake 3 was to make a game of “dynamic systems” and exploration. From what I know, though know this knowledge is old but probably hasn’t changed, is they want the game to be kinda’ a chaotic playground for various systems in the game, such as Nemesis, to work organically but also capture the feeling of an unpredictable town going down in flame. REmake 3 will be a lot more explorable than REmake 2 was and have more of a focus on making interesting gameplay scenarios happen in non-scripted ways, and giving the player lots of room to do things off the beaten path.

So it does have a little more action, you can do a few more things, but it’s still focusing on being a survival-horror game, just a bit more of a dynamic one.

Source (Resetera Forums)

For the record, I haven’t seen the game in motion or anything myself yet, so I hope it ends up as cool as it sounds. I also am keeping in mind that things change in development, but I’ve heard REmake 3’s dev has gone surprisingly smoothly.

The thing about Outbreakers I think everyone missed, there was an Outbreakers rumor that pre-dated Resistance’s reveal by a few months, but it was dead-on with what Resistance was about, except they mentioned they played on a huge Raccoon City map, not quite open world but it was huge.

The thing is they mentioned the map had a big subway tunnel system, and one thing I had heard ages ago was the Tram from REmake 3 was replaced with a subway train, and they had made an extensive underground network of tunnels under Raccoon City to allow different paths of exploration in REmake 3. So to hear the Outbreakers rumor mention this Subway tunnel system made me pretty certain both that rumor was true, and REmake 3 hadn’t changed directions.

Source (Resetera Forum)

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I don’t wanna gunk up the thread, but I think I can sum it up pretty quickly by just saying this: MM is easily one of the weirdest followups in video game history (for better, for worse, whichever). From the perspective of OoT3D, it’s a perfectly fine modernization of MM, but between all the changes, 3D fails to get so much of that across. It’s one of those remakes that makes me rub my temples whenever someone asks “hey, is MM3D a good version of the game to play?” I kinda wanna say “you should play the original first” to those people, which leaves me to ask: if I won’t recommend this to them, despite it being WAY easier to play nowadays, then who would I recommend it to?

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This all sounds really cool. They skipped out most of the city part in RE2. In the original it was such a stark opening seeing the city in chaos. But since RE3 pretty much took place in Racoon City, figures they were saving it. More exploration would be great. As good as REmake 2 was, I feel the first half was vastly superior to the second half. If they could replicate the survival horror of the police station across a city for more of the game- that would be amazing. Do think Evil Within 2 kind of got there first though.

I’m still not looking forward to being constantly harrassed by the Nemesis. That prick can run.

Yeah, but when do we get our Blue Stinger remake?

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This is super interesting because I have tried multiple times to get into RE4 over the years and up till this year would have said I hated RE4, but after playing RE2 Remake (which is approaching GOTY for me) I went back to RE4 and thought it was incredible. Im super excited to get an RE3 remake.

i seriously dont know what changed but RE2 clicked so well with me I just find the loop of those games super fun now.

REmake 2 is hands down my 2019 GotY and REmake 3 is my current most anticipated game.
The control in RE4 just felt so stiff and slow to me this time. I fired it up right after beating REmake 2 like 4 times in a row and just fell off it about 3 chapters in.
I loaded up RE5 after that and had a good time. I still admire RE4 but I just wasn’t having fun playing it. Honestly made me feel like I was losing my mind.

I actually just finally got around to starting RE2. I’m not a huge fan of the series, and I’m only an hour or so in, but damn.