Articles should contain a link to their forum thread


Just a minor annoyance really but having to come to the forums section of the site after reading an article to try and find the associated thread is a pain. I imagine it will become a bigger one a year from now if you go back to try and read an older article.

Would it be possible to maybe have a dedicated spot in each article that links to it’s matching thread? Even something subtle like making the diamond at the bottom of the article be the link would be handy.


Hey there! This is definitely something we’re working on. The main thing right now is that articles don’t simultaneously post to the forums. They post whenever the RSS is combed ~ so right now it’s a matter of one of us going into the forums, grabbing the forum link, and popping it into the CMS after a story publishes. We’re working on getting this automated but that might take a little bit of time. Our plan for short-term is to include a link to the main page of the forums or the New Stories section of the forums in each new story on site and then we’ll work for forum links in stories moving forward.

Gonna close this and leave it listed so others can see our plans for this and if you have further questions, feel free to DM me, thanks!