Artifact is now an Artifact

Artifact is now 100% free and no future updates will be shipped.

Did anyone here play Artifact and if so what were your thoughts on it? Will this make you try Artifact while there’s probably a temporary surge in players?


Huh, I was curious just from Richard Garfield’s involvement. Are there any PVE modes? I really just want to see the mechanics in action and would prefer not to get stomped while doing so.

Artifact (the original version) was an excellent game hamstrung by some very clear and obvious problems: mainly, that it was way too expensive, and had absolutely no meta progression systems, and it needed a few balance patches. Rather than address any of this, they went completely silent, no communication at all, for months and months, before announcing that they were gonna fundamentally change the game itself.

The whole thing just makes me sad. I absolutely loved the game when it came out, it might be my favorite card game I’ve ever played, and it immediately felt like they just threw it all away.

Aw. I would have been more than happy to give Artifact a shot if they didn’t screw up the monetization so badly. There are a lot of successful ways to monetize an online CCG (and even more that haven’t even been tried yet - somebody’s going to settle on a subscription model for a Hearthstone-alike and make a mint) and Valve picked none of them.

I’ve heard from People Who Would Know that Artifact had some balancing issues (as any Magic: the Gathering fan will tell you - his name rhymes with Pritchard Snarfield) but had solid fundamentals and just needed a bit of rework to be totally cool.

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Wazanator, this is an incredible thread name.

I kept telling myself I’d look at this but then I’d think about how I haven’t quit magic just yet and I’d wait until that day comes. Unfortunately it hasn’t come and I never got around to it, but I might give it a shot. Always interested in card games that try to do things regarding location (like the lane system presumably does?)… God I miss Duelyst for that reason


I don’t know if it’s still a thing, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for The Elder Scrolls: Legends for having a lane system that does have a huge impact on gameplay (including some absolutely genius implementations of it in its campaign - yeah, the game is/was F2P and had a full campaign in it)

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I have sadly nothing to add to this thread as I never got around to playing Artifact either but I just want to echo that Duelyst was an amazing game and that it’s demise was too soon.


Yeah, I’m about to write an opus for it in the second chances thread now that I reopened that wound lmao

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I’ve always wanted to try Artifact because I still have a fondness for the Dota 2 characters even though I have vowed to never play it ever again. The game came out (and I guess went through its initial troubles) when I wasn’t in any position to play it and I resisted the urge to give it a try when I could buy it due to the impending rework. I will likely give both versions a try at some point in the future but honestly? I am simultaneously glad that both versions are just out there now and really bitter that other games that shut down or get canned or whatever don’t have the means to keep them running like Valve can.

More often than I’d like to I’ve had to come to terms that there are some games I will simply never be able to play again – this most recently happened with ZENONZARD, one of my favorite games of 2020 and hands down one of the coolest digital card games I’ve ever played – and it never fails to bum me out a whole bunch.

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To me artifact was classic example of how mechanical complexity doesn’t always lead interesting play. There was a lot to do and keep track of but I never felt like I was making interesting choices and was never really surprised by my opponent’s actions or the ways they used a card. There wasn’t a lot there that provided a strong foundation to rebuild from.