Artificial Intelligence Primer/Intro/Starting point? General AI Thread

Has anyone done any work/research on AI? It’s one of the topics in computing that I wanted to get into at school, but I wasn’t exactly on the track for it (was an Information Systems major, so more business-oriented development process courses and databases), and the AI professor at my school was teaching a Music Informatics course the semester I had time open for an upper level elective (which was really fun and I enjoyed/learned a lot).

I’ve had a couple of the MIT undregrad courses bookmarked for a while, but I was wondering if anyone had any other resources they liked/learned a lot from.

Some! I did some traditional AI work in school, and recently it’s been a bit of a side project for me at home + work to get a basic handle on Machine Learning: at least enough to build and apply some simple models.

If that’s the side you’re looking to get into, I’d say take a look at Andrew Ng’s courses from Stanford. They are all up on YouTube, and some former TA’s put together a really good cheat sheet that puts all of the core concepts in a single, easy to navigate site:

Prerequisites are any Introductory Linear Algebra, enough calculus to understand how to apply the Chain Rule, and ideally, some programming skill in python or any C-like language.

Videos (Start here at 31 mins )

The Stanford lectures are really good at opening up the engine and showing you how machine learning really works and how to tinker with it at a basic level.

I also used a few of the resources I found in this great Hacker News thread:

Two (from that thread) that were super handy as a supplement (for me) were: and because I’ve been working on software long enough that it really helps me to think in code.

It’s been a while since I did my more traditional AI work, so I don’t have internet resources to hand if you’re looking for things like decision-trees and (pruning) and other pre-deep learning crazy techniques.

Let me know if this helps!


Awesome, thank you so much! I only had to take Business Calc for my major, so I might need to work up my math some (I took Calc 2 and ended up withdrawing… :sweat_smile:), but I figured I’d have to eventually.

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No prob! Let me tell you, when I started this project, I had to pull out a mighty dusty calculus textbook to try and make sense of the first lecture on neural nets. It was kind of fun to do real math again, but it was almost like learning calculus all over.

So I’m sure if you’ve at last started Calc, you should be able to get there.


That’s encouraging. I sort of remember how integrals/derivatives work, that’s about as far as I got though.

I’m totally going to jump on that too. My employer is far more concerned with explaining to me how to sell AI and Machine Learning than how it works.

Also, if anyone needs any help with the calculus or the linear algebra, give me a yell.

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