Artist Interviews


I use to be really into interviews, I haven’t really been for the past year or so.

For some reason, I decided to watch this xxxtentacion interview just now…and I hate how much I feel like I relate.

It hasn’t changed how I feel about him, or the allegations against him. But parts of this interview hit way too close to home, and it’s borderline inspirational.

Anyway, I’m back in an interview mood now. Any genre, artist, whatever. If you want to share it, please do.



No, but Death Grips actually have some really cool ones but they don’t land if you aren’t into them. I’ll link one regardless, enjoy.


toco toco does pretty cool interviews with Japanese creators if you haven’t seen those yet:

it’s not always music, but also fashion, pop art, and there’s also some interviews with some Japanese game developers like Yoko Taro, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Goichi Suda, Swery, and many more.