As Games Get More Systemic, Composing Music For Them Is Getting Harder

Erica is a new FMV game that was announced and then simultaneously released at Gamescom this week. We had the game's composer, award winning Austin Wintory, come on Waypoint Radio to talk about Erica, movie spoilers, and what a few of his favorite brands are. You can listen to the full episode and read an excerpt below.

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Obvs developers should take a cue from one of the most systemically complex games in the biz: Dwarf Fortress.

Just one three minute long song on loop.


I mean honestly you’re not wrong. A lot of my favorite or just really memorable music in a game tends to be songs that just loop really well.

The Wii Shop music is for example just under a minute before it loops I want to say.

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I was definitely aiming for that being 50% joke 50% true

Austin Wintory’s style usually involves getting a tremendous amount of character and color out of his strings, I think. Journey is just one example:

The best part of Syndicate is that eagle drops are accompanied by an airy version of one of Wintory’s drawn out string notes and then this ethereal moment of soaring is punctuated by a few droll professional notes as you hit the haystack. It is just chef’s kiss.

Also: Austin Wintory; Grammy nominee, RZA collaborator.

Also, also, Austin Wintory FatT soundtrack what season?

Edit: Who okayed this interview to be released the same week Eliza came out?

fantastic question. for me probably counter/weight. gimmie that heavy dramatic piano + strings mech fight

I’m glad to see Vice is still letting ‘Austin on Austin’ continue in some form, at least~