'Assassin's Creed Odyssey' Is Classical Ubisoft in the Wrong Ways


I was mostly pretty lukewarm on the main story but the one thing I actually kind of liked was that romance was completely separate from the main plot. There was no forcing romances and your choices on who to romance (or not to) didn’t have any effect on it. It allows for a lot of freedom and head-canoning to that side of your character’s life and was just some nice freedom. Although with this DLC stuff it seems like that was probably more of an accident than intentional.

I haven’t bought the DLC yet but I probably will at some but I guess I’ll just wait for it all to be out/finished before I touch it. Hopefully the fix it although ugh I’m not sure I trust them to, y’know.


Could believe part of the reason they railroaded this is because the endings to the main plotlines are quite half assed. That’s the problem with a game as vast as this that allows you to play past the end state. More so when one of your major plot devices is a modern day meta game that the developers are unsure about committing to!