'Assassins Creed Valhalla' Director Steps Down Amid Scandal

Following allegations about his personal life, Assassins Creed Valhalla Creative Director Ashraf Ismail stepped down today, he announced on Twitter.

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Airing infidelity in public makes me feel pretty uncomfortable to be honest. I’ve got friends who have done similar in their pasts but have recognised their failures and their harms without it all getting blasted out on Twitter.

Hell, I’ve even had people in relationships come on to me and I’ve told them and their partner that it was inappropriate and to deal with it, and that was the end of it. I never would have seen any benefit to telling our wider friendship groups, nevermind the public at large.

This just looks messy and shitty for everybody involved, and I can’t see how this is being handled is making the world a better place.

CW: creep behavior

The accusation that I read suggested that Ismail had a propensity for telling young women that he was the director of Assassin’s Creed, but not that he was married. And that the accuser was not his first. So infidelity is its own kettle of fish, yes, but Ismail (according to that account - I can’t find it currently but it definitely had some receipts) has repeatedly leveraged his influence over his subordinates. Good riddance.


Which I suppose would go some way to assuage my discomfort. If someone is using their position to leverage power in personal interactions then they should definitely be called out on that. None of that was apparent from the accusation linked in the article.


Linked tweet was deleted. What was in it? Just a boilerplate “I’m stepping down and I’m sorry” PR-ish tweet or something more content-rich?

If you’re talking about a tweet from Ismail, more or less.

This but he emphasized how, “My life and family is ruined.”

Yes, that usually happens when you cheat on your wife. Even if this turns out to be a sort of mundane infidelity (there is suggestion from DarthTythus that this is not the case), the modal outcome is still divorce and a broken household. I think it’s worth examining whether we ought to feel so inured to it.

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…uh, so there’s more Ubisoft stuff coming out.

Like…uh, violence and forcing the victim to get along with the person that literally strangled them

Big old TW for that whole thread, some pretty messed up stuff is in there.

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Ubisoft’s Forward event is just going to be a giant apology.

I once raised my voice at a colleague during a meeting and my boss at the time made it clear that he expected me to apologise. (Which I did, and then I sought out anger management counseling on my own initiative.) This didn’t happen off-campus, I went over to his desk and apologised and then we both went back to work.

I can’t even imagine how fucked up a workplace culture has to get for strangling to get the same treatment, with a side of “leave the office and go to a non-work environment to meet with the guy who strangled you”. “He was drunk” is not at all a mitigating factor for something that extreme, particularly in an industry that has beer fridges as a fairly standard perk. The fuck.

On the bright side (and I know this kinda isn’t the time to be thinking of a bright side), Ubisoft is so large that if this causes them to create an atmosphere where people feel safe reporting their abusers and those abusers are removed from at least the company if not industry, then likely that would lead to a theoretical significant percentage of abusers in the industry expunged.