Assassin's Creed Valhalla Discussion Thread

I gotta say, this has got to be one of the coolest ways to reveal a game.

Rumor is that it’s going to be a viking-centered game, which Jason seems to support:

Looks neat! Though I’m wondering how they’re going to portray the more problematic aspects of the Vikings. Ahmad ibn Fadlan’s account comes to mind…


The AC Twitter referred to this as the setting reveal which has me thinking that it’ll be about the setting and not much else (if anything). At the time of posting the stream isn’t over but it has green hills with a castle and snowy mountains so the viking setting/era seems pretty likely.

After playing and loving Odyssey and enjoying Origins, I think I’m kind of on board no matter what? Partially because those games just feel real good to play now (as opposed to pre-Origins games which I really didn’t enjoy) but also because Layla Hassan’s story in the present day timeline has been cool to follow. The Fate of Atlantis DLC in particular got me really hooked on her side of the story so I’m interested in seeing that through.

This stream has done a great job reminded me that, oh right, the AC franchise has some really great music in it, huh.

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Oh yeah, the Origins soundtrack is absolutely stellar.

I never finished Odyssey, cause it’s so dang B I G, but I may try and chip away at it as this Vikings release comes closer.

Hassan’s story hasn’t really grabbed me though. Do they play a lot with it in the Atlantis DLC?

Yeah, the Atlantis DLC has quite a few present day cutscenes. I want to say it might have as much (or maybe even more) than the main game did but it might just feel that way since it’s all closer together. Her story in Origins didn’t do much for me, then in Odyssey I thought it was kinda cool, but it was the Atlantis DLC that really got me into it.

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One thing I hope they keep from Odyssey was the Cultist chain. It was really cool to kill some random general and realize he was part of a greater conspiracy within the cult, his connections to other cultists leading me down a trail of assassinations.


I thought it was going to be called Assassin’s Creed: Ragnarok for some reason. Oh well. Honestly, it’s just kind of nice to see something as normal as a piece of video game news to be excited about.

I don’t think they’ve dropped the name yet.

I’m hearing Ragnarok and Valhalla as possible names.

I’m thinking they’re going to do a Bernard Cornwell kind of protagonist, where they’re not completely in the Viking sphere, to avoid the stuff that made Ibn Fadlan absolutely repulsed, and so that there can be some interesting faction play like there was with Odyssey.

A playable Last Kingdom game would be tight.

As long as Ubisoft keeps up with the femme protagonist option, I’m in.

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Shield Maidens!



That is literally all I’ve wanted to be for my whole life. Also in video games.

Serious, I just…y’all I know it’s not necessarily the view that is common around here, but I loved Odyssey, so much. That game is everything for me that The Witcher 3 was for other folks (but absolutely, completely wasn’t for me). It was my Big Dang RPG for such a long period of time and I loved every moment of it. And I just adored Kassandra. If Ubi gives me another character to play like her, I will be here on opening day for this.


I don’t envy the person who would have to follow Melissanthi Mahout.

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I believe they have stated that they are going to have men/woman protags for all their future games! Including dialogue selections too.

I LOVE Odyssey, but I also liked the focus around Origin’s Bayek as well! Bayek is one of my favorite video game protagonists. One of my favorite quests was when Bayek basically plays therapist to this grief stricken woman. Of course there’s an OUT OF NOWHERE LEOPARD ATTACK because video games, but it was still a thoughtful, sweet quest.

(CW Woman attempting Suicide.)


Exciting! I really loved the past two AC games. Both Kassandra and Bayek were great characters. I’m a big Last Kingdom and Vikings fan. Plus I’ve been in a norse mood since visiting Iceland and Denmark a few years ago so really looking forward to this!

I have to be that guy though and point out that if the right hand portion of that image is supposed to be England, that castle is well anachronistic for the Viking period…by like, 300-400 years, assuming this game is 9th or 10th Century.

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Could be late Vikings, where they were adopting Christianity.

But even that is only like the 10th-11th Centuries, which is already the end of the Viking period. The first true stone castles in England were built by the Normans after 1066, and they didn’t quite look like that (there were Roman period stone fortifications in England, but no real castles in the way we think about them). That’s the style of castle popular around the time of Edward I and Edward II, in the late 13th and early 14th century.

Not that it matters in the end. Like Vikings and Last Kingdom, Assassin’s Creed isn’t known for it’s historical fidelity. I’ll still enjoy it anyways, if they continue on with the spirit of Origins and Odyssey! :slight_smile:

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It could be set during the Norman Conquest! There were quite a few castles built during that time.

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If the last AC game I really played was Brotherhood how do I play catch-up on the story? Just read Wikipedia articles?

Yeah, or a youtube video.

To be honest, the modern connected story really isn’t that interesting. Each game manages to have their own self-contained story within whatever time period they’re portraying.


Yeah, I skipped everything since Brotherhood and didn’t feel like I was missing anything. Origins and Odyssey are related, but even those you can play separately without missing much. They really ditched the modern part.

In terms of setting, my bet is around the reign of King Alfred and the Danelaw. The Norman conquest would be interesting, but I’d be surprised if they went that route. Considering the popularity of both Vikings and Lost Kingdom, and that both of those are in the period of Alfred right now, I think that would be their safest bet.

I’m curious what they will do with continental Europe. Will be able to visit the Frisians and the Franks in modern France and the Netherlands, or will it be all Saxons, Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians?

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