Assassin's Creed Valhalla Discussion Thread

I feel like they couldn’t possibly make the indigenous peoples in America enemies in the game… That would express the colonialist aspects of the plot WAAAY too strongly.

Vikings in America 200 years early sounds reasonable by AC’s standards.

Ooh, what if Eivor ends up an ancestor of Connor.

Like, I know different parts of the Americas, different peoples but, also a millennia is plenty of time for a bloodline to end up about a 1,000 miles south.

That seems like not the worst place they could go here.


To be honest, I think AC plays to much with the power of blood and genetics. I like that the line through Desmond has been diverse enough to go from a Syrian, an Italian, and an Indigenous American, but the trail of bloodlines in AC still is really problematic.

I loved when they started exploring other assassins that have the same powers as Desmond’s line has, and I liked when they explored the idea that the Animus can relive through the memories of a corpse.


Well, the proto-Inuit peoples and the Scandinavians weren’t exactly friends. There is a reason the word ‘Skraeling’ doesn’t exactly have a positive connotation. I don’t think Ubisoft would take it that far though. To be fair to them, they are generally pretty good at not depicting whole cultures as evil by nature. I just hope they don’t lean to far in to stereotypes.

Yeah, the genetics stuff is pretty awful in 2020!

EDIT: I really don’t like the look of the Seer at 6:21. Like I mentioned further up, they are leaning heavily on using visual stereotypes and caricatures of non-european, non-christian cultures to invoke the feeling that the Vikings are “tribal” and “savage”. Lady has white girl dreadlocks, neck rings, face paint/tattoos, and janky bone necklaces. I don’t think they are doing it consciously, as its a caricature pretty ingrained into pop-culture, but it’s basically one of those cheap racist voodoo witch-doctor Halloween costumes.

EDIT 2: Dia Lacina has a great essay on this subject from a few years back, which is what led me to start noticing this type of thing more. Just wanted to shout it out and link it!

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Damn, they just copied the For Honor team for the combat, huh?

I’m not complaining, For Honor rules, but those executions are like one-to-one

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Yeah, I don’t think that’ll stop them. They already made Aya the descendant of Kassandra at some point for no good reason.

Gonna guess “evil” tribe is subjugating other tribe who can only be saved by, wait for it, white people. And then my wild card bet: “Who says there weren’t Mayans in Newfoundland?”


I thought Aya was connected to Kassandra through the spear and Herodotus’ totally accurate writings?

In the Kassandra: Become Heterosexual DLC, it reveals that her son is Aya’s ancestor and a founder of the proto-Assassins group from Origins.


Yeah, you’re thinking of Layla Hassan… who will probably be revealed to be descended from… Jesus, any game now.

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Wasn’t Desmond basically revealed to be Jesus 2.0 in one of the earlier games

God the lore in this game was so class. Lenin being affiliated to the Assassins still does me in whenever I think about it.


I’m still deeply offended by the fact that they made Bowie a Sage.

He didn’t even have heterochromia.


Wha…whi…wololo!!! Who even came up with the idea to include North America in the game? Like, I struggle to imagine the thought process behind this. Was there a lack of content and they just decided to go with the one other recently popular thing in pop-culture concerning Vikings? Is it some weird bone for the NA audience (even though it’s not NA in the way a modern audience understands it)? The fact that it just doesn’t fit in the time period at all (unless they have some weird timeskip at the end) makes this even more ludicrous.
For people with an interest in history, this game has been one heart attack after another. I’m not sure if any other ACs were this bad in that regard tbh.

Not gonna lie, this new gameplay trailer looks enticing compared to the others, but shiny AC trailers have fooled me often enough. My trust and interest in AC is at an all time low, so I’ll be assuming there’s poison in the food, as long as no one else tastes it first and says otherwise.


Can we talk about how much the soundtrack fucking RIPS?

Jesper Kyd and Sarah Schachner AND Einar Selvik!!?

I am blown away.

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I’m assuming Valhalla will allow me to fly the bird all over the map? During the first lockdown there was one night where I stayed up way too late with Odyssey, taking control of the bird and seeing how far I could fly. I just assumed there would be an area around the player and if I went beyond that, the bird would just rubber band back to the player. Not so. You can pretty much fly anywhere.

I flew from Lesbos to the palace of Odysseus in Ithaca. My own little bird odyssey flying over Ancient Greece. It becomes this really nice chilled out xen experience, almost transcendental. As much as these games are derivative, too big, designed by committee to be marketed to the biggest amount of people out there, there is something about them that is quite great. I’ve always appreciated the ambition in recreating places from history, but with Origins and Odyssey, there is something about flying over the old world which itself is seeped in ancient wonder.


The male viking really looks like Charlie Hunnam. Greenland Street

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I think they were going for Travis Fimmel from Vikings…who looks a lot like Charlie Hunmann tbh!

Oh wow they are the same person.

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Here’s the trailer highlighting the post-launch and season pass content

Grendel, Irish druids, Paris, oh my!


Of course, you go to Ireland and it’s about weird, dangerous, mystical dark cult sh*t.

That depiction of 9th century Paris gave me a small heart attack. Straight out of 19th century bs. I want to cry.

At this point AC is just pure fantasy. All previous pretenses of historical fiction thrown out the window.
I can only hope for an added Discovery tour that at the beginning says: “forget all you’ve seen in this game. It’s bs.” Much more necessary than even in Origins and Odyssey.

Maybe I’m too cynical, but I just can’t help it when seeing these developers clearly wanting to make a cool, weird fantasy game inspired by contemporary pop-culture Viking aesthetics and general pseudo-medieval dark fantasy tropes like Witcher 3, but (are probably forced to) squeeze it into AC.