Assuming 'Rage 2' Is Real, What Unexpected Sequel Would You Dream Up Next?


Same. Also, in a similar vein, give me Super Metroid 2.


stardew valley 2
minecraft 2
WoW 2
Path of Exile 2


Crimson Skies 2 baybee! (Or would it be 3? There were two games, but I don’t think the Xbox one was a sequel).



… and also a sequel to Prince of Persia from 2008. I know there was a Nintendo DS game, but I want a full full-fledged follow-up with the same gorgeous artstyle!


In my dreams, Square and Nintendo team back up and make a direct story sequel to Super Mario RPG.


I would be really interested in seeing this game reappraised with 2018 eyes. Because it’s a perfect example of Ubisoft playing with game language around failure to make people think the game was actually easier than it was.

Because the fail state wasn’t death, but the princess catching you, the meme around the game was that you “couldn’t die” therefore the game was “easy.” But all that meant was that it had generous (for 2008) checkpoints. The platforming wasn’t really inherently easier (especially after you had beaten a couple of the areas and the remaining ones had unlocked all of their traps or were in the DLC area).

This is, of course, pretty simply stuff to convey with a 2018 critical voice – but it was entirely lost in 2008.


Amped 4.

All of the previous suggestions are fine, but I just want a chill and somewhat realistic snowboarding game (like Amped 2, didn’t care for 3 that much) with a soundtrack of 500+ songs.


Republic Commando 2. That would be amazing, but I don’t think there’s a chance at all for it. I’d also love to see STALKER 2.


Oni 2

Or slightly less of a fantastical answer, World In Conflict 2


Hell yes!! I am right there with your Patrick. I LOVED the 2008 Prince of Persia. It was amazing feeling and I had such a joy playing it. The Art style was incredible and I want that brought back. I will dream with you on this one!

Also if we are dreaming, how about a modern sequel to Jade Empire? I’d like that too.


Suzuki Bakuhatsu 2. The first was before its time, but I think the gaming world is now ready for a game about a woman who has to defuse things that shouldn’t be bombs.


There was a recent Rogue Trooper remaster… I could absolutely see someone doing a sequel to that game


I don’t know what TOO PLAUSIBLE means since I’m bad at keeping in the know but here we go.

War of the Monsters 2 - Rampage may have flopped but my goodness do we need a big monster fighting FEST!
Whatever Alice game would be next…3? - I just like this world and I can’t find it actually so just do it again


Star Wars: Republic Commando 2


It’s Def Jam: return to N.Y., okay? It has to be. Bring in an all new roster of rappers, you trainer is Kung Fu Kenny, Drake is your rival who won’t stop writing songs about texting your Girlfriend, Joe Budden is the hater-ass hater. It has to happen.

Edit: alternatively it’s a Meek Mill redemption story.


Binary Domain is the correct answer.

Also a proper Sleeping Dogs would be pretty great too.


Bring back Panzer Dragoon you cowards


Gimme Alpha Protocol 2 jerkwads.


Already got an unexpected sequel to Yume Nikki, so anything after that seems like chopped liver.

Battle Chef Brigade 2 would be one I would be interested in off the top of my head, though. That game had a lot of great ideas and a great style and I think with another iteration they could really polish and build on what they had.


Since it’s probably knocking about at the bottom of the same drawer Bethesda pulled Rage from, I’d like to request a new Wet please.

I haven’t played it since it came out - when I was checks date fuck, fourteen?! - so, for all I know, it was actually genuinely terrible. But I remember thinking it was cool as hell. With my fourteen year old brain…

Okay, maybe this one isn’t such a good idea.