Assuming 'Rage 2' Is Real, What Unexpected Sequel Would You Dream Up Next?


Otogi 3 would be a real deep cut.


Kind of, but it was more of a re-release with a few extra bells and whistles than an entirely new game. Unless you’re talking about the DS version, which I never played.


I would absolutely be down for Wet 2. Like you, my memory of it is fuzzy and probably very rose-tinted, but that game had some really excellent moments. It had a sky-diving shootout before Uncharted and Saint’s Row… The Rubi-vision fights looked super cool and had awesome music… There were parts that mixed in slow-mo shooting with Prince of Persia-esque parkour platforming…

I’d love to revisit the game and see if any of that holds up, but there’s no good modern PC version, it seems, and I sold off my last gen consoles years ago.


Dot Hack. Anything. A reboot? Sure! a sequel to one of the sequels? Why not!? Just give me more Dot Hack…please?


Gungrave 3 with the DMM engine from Force Unleashed (the one that accurately modeled material damage behavior)


I actually have an idea for a ridiculous sequel crossover for The Conduit, Total Overdose, Bullet Witch, Psi-Ops, F.E.A.R, Geist, Alpha Protocol, Timesplitters, and Splatterhouse and it looks absolutely amazing in my head.

Basically a lightly meta super team story with just the biggest failures in action game history all on rough times from basically losing their own conflicts and finding renewed reason to fight together in their own ways.

Also the boring bald guy from Psi-Ops would be dead and the girl sidekick got his powers and also the Geist ghost man has absolutely no idea who he used to be anymore and becomes the comedic relief who argues with the evil ghost man from F.E.A.R.


Yeah, I own two Xbox 360s, but I know for a fact that one doesn’t work, and the jury is very much out on the other one, so Wet’s probably gonna have to stay stuck in 2009 for the time being.

So, recalling the me of 2009’s thoughts on the matter… Yeah, the Rubi-vision stuff was incredibly cool, and I don’t think I ever got tired of all the slow-mo wall-running, jumping, flips and shit. It just had so much style, and I remember thinking that Rubi was, like, a ludicrously cool character.

Considering fourteen-year-old me’s taste, I’m really dubious on whether, well, any of that holds up, but I’d certainly like to play a new game that makes me at least feel the same way.


+1 Brink 2 (even though I never played the first)
+1 Mega Man Battle Network 19
+1 for War of the Monsters 2

My personal picks would be:
Midnight Club 5
Downhill Domination 2
DJ Hero 3
Playstation All Stars Battle Royale 2 (c’mon y’all, I know I’m not the only one who enjoyed that game)

(oh and maybe a new Dance Dance Revolution? pwetty pwease?)


You’re not! I really liked that game, and I stand by the statement that everyone just hated on it because they got salty after trying to play it like Smash Bros. and lost because they didn’t understand the scoring system.


A Link Between Worlds 2, a kingdom management sim where you play as Hilda trying to restore Lorule.

Left 4 Dead 3… :sob:

Bastion 2 would be good as hell, and I think enough time has passed that the concepts would feel fresh again.

A new Battle Network would be neat, but after six games (in case anyone was wondering…) it would have to really stick the landing on refreshing the combat and storytelling. And last time they tried to do that, they made Star Force.


Not gonna lie I kinda dug Star Force 2 a little bit :zipper_mouth_face:


Sky Odyssey 2!! No game has ever captured the magic and adventure of early aviation stories better than that one. Imagine how good it would be with cutting edge graphics and physics technology. The weather was already important in the original but I bet they could really make you feel it with modern tech.


My (condensed) experience with Star Force was that I wanted an exploration of trauma and the game laughed at me and stuck gum in my hair. I still have some residual fondness for parts of it, but I can’t help but talk trash either.


NBA Street Vol. 4 - Why did EA decide to stop making the best basketball series ever and start making 2K but worse??

Legend of Legaia 3 - Yeah, I didn’t play the sequel but I’d 100% be down for a modern take on that combat system.

Meteos 2 - Nintendo I hear your new CEO wants you to make more mobile games?

New Puzzle League/Panel de Pon - See Above

Contra 5 - The main problem Contra has is that the screen is too small to let two players move freely but we have HD consoles now. You can also load more enemies now. I want a run 'n gun where you can see waves of enemies coming from further than 10 feet in front of me.


Tokyo Jungle 2. I remember there were rumors about this actually happening.

More games based on Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston’s “fighting fantasy” books.


You know what really needs a revival?
Legacy of Kain.

I don’t care if it’s a Defiance, Soul Reaver or Blood Omen sequel just get Amy Hennig back on board and make it happen.


This is the answer closest to my own heart so far.

Also, where’s my goddamn Switch Pilotwings, Nintendo?


Battle Engine Aquila was a sweet game from 2003 in which you played a giant mech that transformed from a walking tank into a flying thing. i remember the sense of scale being really great. it was 15 years ago, and maybe i’m looking through nostalgia goggles, but that’s the game i want a sequel to. it could be rad!


giant mech that transformed from a walking tank into a flying thing


Always here for this.


The Saboteur 2
Prototype 3
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 4
X-Men Legends 3
Full Throttle 2
Syndicate 2
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath 2
Remember Me 2
Red Faction: Guerilla 2
Portal 3
Sleeping Dogs 2
Thief (2014) 2