Assuming 'Rage 2' Is Real, What Unexpected Sequel Would You Dream Up Next?


Please, I so desperately want a sequel to F-Zero GX on the Gamecube… I know there are plenty of really awesome comparable games but… it’s just not the same.


Holy crap, this. I was just thinking of this game after reading about Deadstick and wondering why on earth no one has attempted a spiritual successor after all this time.


I wish the engine got more love. The few things that used it over the years were fun.


In trying to find more than the two Force Unleashed games which used it (the only other game to have used it is Quantum Break, apparently), I found that it’s used in VFX for movies alllllll the time. I’m sure that makes a ton more money in licensing but MAN I want to see it in more games so, so badly


I think I want a direct sequel to Battlefield 2142 or Quake Wars Enemy Territory. I loved the Titan mode from 2142 where it played similarly to regular conquest but at the end you had to invade the opposing teams mother ship. The with QW it had the large multiplayer battles, but each squad was assigned objectives to fulfill in order for the team to progress. Sadly both of those games communities felt like they died before they took off. Hell I would put Brink on that list as well.


Some of these are going to sound weird bc of how recently they came out/how long ago they came out or how small/niche they are or how dead the studio is but here’s my list of sequels I’d love to see that would be genuinely unexpected for most people I think.

  • Unrest 2 (there is literally no game I want a sequel to more than this game, the universe was compelling, the characters were complex and nuanced and could be nudged in different directions in ways that only increased the depth of the characterization…need this in my life!!)
  • Void & Meddler 2 (incredibly underrated and criminally slept on game, absolutely begging for a sequel in that same universe)
  • Serpent in the Staglands 2 (seriously jaw-droppingly amazing game, once I got past the first couple hours of play and realized a few things I went back and started again and got completely absorbed, I was literally taking notes in a little notebook while I played which really took me back to old school RPG experiences, would love to see a sequel to this)
  • Aerannis 2 (there’s some stuff to improve on in Aerannis I think a sequel would knock tf out of the park)
  • We Know The Devil 2 (or just more games like this and Butterfly Soup out in the world with funny and #relatable LGBT representation)
  • Summoner 3 (seriously imagine a modern game engine with basically the same gameplay and an improved inventory system like…hell yes)
  • NEO Scavenger 2 (this game is the hardest survival game out there and I LOVE it)
  • Baldur’s Gate III (I mean I know it’s basically assured that Beamdog is working on it but if it got announced tomorrow that’d sure be surprising)
  • Fallout Tactics 2 (look if Bethesda is gonna say the isometric view and combat system is “too tactical” at least let us have an isometric Fallout game again that’s all about tactics, FT’s online play with friends was a BLAST too, I’d love to see Obsidian tackle an FT 2 where you could potentially have a lot more players/squads in a free-for-all to see who comes out bloody and triumphant)
  • Arcanum 2 (even one on the scale of Tyranny with the kind of reactivity of Tyranny would be fantastic, doesn’t need to be as long as the original…which reminds me…)
  • Tyranny 2 (I mean there’s no way they’re NOT doing a sequel with the way that game ends but I’m impatient for it)
  • Vagrant Story 2 (SQUENIX IT’S TIME!!! while you’re at it put out an FFT 2!!! get that old school, gothic and darker Ivalice feel back in play!!)
  • Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor 2 (and 3, 4, 5, 6, 7…I could play games in this vein all day every day)
  • Impossible Creatures 2 (an impossible wish, I know)
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic III (Barney Gumble voice JUST HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!!)
  • Star Wars Episode I: Racer 2 (more racers, more vehicles, more parts and customization, more tracks…just DO IT ALREADY!!)
  • Star Wars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast II (don’t tell me you wouldn’t sink hundreds of hours into multiplayer if they did this right)
  • Steel Battalion 2 (gimme that big bulky peripheral’s 2.0 but make it EVEN BIGGER and give it an adapter so I can use it on PS4, Xbox One AND PC!!!)
  • Night in the Woods 2 (I mean it could just be them doing a new story with completely different characters but…also a sequel that shows some defiant and self-assured adulting from these characters would be incredible, I’d love Night in the Streets where they’re in a black bloc together but maybe that’s just me)
  • Vaccine War 2 (that game was amazing but felt like a tech demo in some ways, I’d love to see those devs return to that pixel aesthetic and Spanish Civil War time period and just polish it up a bunch)
  • Red Faction: Guerrilla 2 (I don’t even care if they skimp out on environment textures in a sequel just give me that gameplay again but ever so slightly more modernized…give me that promised but probably-not-gonna-be-delivered building destruction of the new Crackdown but even better than they were gonna do it, let me be an industrial terrorist and saboteur on Mars again!!)
  • The Saboteur 2 (speaking of which…imagine this game but the Russian Civil War as a free agent anti-capitalist sabotaging White Russian supply lines and strongholds early on in the conflict, or the Spanish Civil War sabotaging Franco, or in Italy helping partisans sabotage Mussolini’s shit?? so many options for some good ol’ fash bashing/destruction of reactionaries’ property and lives)
  • Anachronox (the pipe dream of pipe dreams but a girl can pipe dream, right??)

There’s more but I think they’d be more expected than those ones.


I would be super into another Steel Battalion game. I just love the idea of big complicated controllers. Make the thing USB and allow me to use it on PC.


Fallout: New Vegas 2 pls. someone tell them I said to.


@mgm195 I wrote my list before reading any of the posts in here and that’s on my list too lmao


@WTHall one of the most ideologically correct answers possible


I am here for all of these, holy shit.

First thing that popped into my head would be a new Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon game. I would prefer a sequel to the N64 3D game, but a new 2D or 2.5D game would be welcome too.

They should make a new Burnout? They should make a new Burnout.

I feel like Kid Icarus: Uprising didn’t do well enough to warrant a sequel, but god dayum would I love one. Do it Nintendo!

I would also like an actual for real Paper Mario game from Nintendo, but they’re pretty much content with having it be a weird adventure game with random battles.


I’m still waiting on that Eternal Darkness sequel.


@stryker1121 can’t believe I forgot to include Eternal Darkness on my post, this is essential


A new F-Zero game would be nice.


Oh wow, Deadstick sounds neat! The more technical flight sims are sometimes a little overwhelming for me, but the bush pilot premise could be exciting enough to get past that. Those sorts of skin-of-your-teeth journeys through hostile weather conditions were some of the best parts of Sky Odyssey so I hope it ends up being good!

I’ve always wondered why Sky Odyssey is so rarely talked about in the same way that other hidden gems of the ps2 era are. I guess maybe a lot of the similarly obscure games from that period that’ve gotten more attention in recent times have more of a weirdness or horror factor to them that is easier for people to latch onto than “janky-lookin but secretly majestic airplanes”?

Either way, I want more nonviolent flight games that hit that sweet spot between simulation and arcade-y-ness that Sky Odyssey gets so right.


Fantasy Life 2. Not the mobile mmo that will never come out, a proper sequel.


Forget 2s, 4s are where it’s at! Ape Escape 4… that’s it actually, just make Ape Escape 4.


Fours? There’s a lot of Fours I could get behind.

Fable 4 with the right team and direction. I think a reboot would be closer to what I’d want, picking from the best of the original games, but still a Fable 4 could be cool.

I would play a Jak 4 if the series was given to another team (a lot of ugly news came out of Naughty Dogg last year).

Darkstalkers 4 has been rumoured for years now and I think there is a lot of people inside Capcom trying to making it happen, but after the huge flop of MvC:I and SFV not setting the world aflame, I’m thinking the chance for it has passed.

I mean Mother 4 would be a ridiculous announcement for Nintendo to make, but I think that might be the most unlikely one in this entire thread.


I have the same answer to this as I do for most underrated game, and that’s the xbox360 version of Shadowrun. It was a class-based shooter that got panned for being MP only and having a few maps, but had a great structure. You picked a race in the game, each with their own attributes (Elves had more magic points, for example); otherwise it was very similar to a CS style of structure where you play out a match over multiple rounds and get money each round to buy guns as well as magic/tech upgrades. I think the structure of the game overall (MP only, class/round based) would do better in a modern era where those things are more widely accepted, and I also think it would do better as a F2P microtransaction-driven game where you can pay for outfits for each race, skins for weapons/magic etc.

Also extremely here for Tokyo Jungle 2 and Battle Chef Brigade 2. I think BCB2 might have a chance? I don’t know how well it sold but it seems to have done ok review-wise, and they’re still updating the original.


Give me a DOOM '16 style revitalisation of Hexen, please.