Assuming 'Rage 2' Is Real, What Unexpected Sequel Would You Dream Up Next?


It’s so freaking good and weird and occulty. And some of the best VA ever to grace a game - especially for that era.



f o r e v e r



all I want is the legend of dragoon 2


Baten Kaitos 3

Monolith Software Inc. has made three back-to-back Xenoblade games featuring massive worlds and hotbar-style combat. It would be really cool if they went back to the smaller scale and tactical card battles of Baten Kaitos.


I read your idea for Saboteur 2 and had to suppress a little squeak of excitement, because I’m at work XD


A sequel to that Syndicate shooter that builds out its excellent multiplayer.

A new Front Mission

Chromehounds 2


I’d have said Sakura Wars but that’s actually happening, apparently. Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a mobile game like Wild Arms.


If we ever get another 3D Rayman game I could die a happy man.


Feeling a lot of these. If they dropped a KOTOR 3 I’d call in dead to my job and duct tape myself to the couch for 10 days.


I’m picturing the scene now.

It’s EA’s E3 press conference, the sports segment just wrapped up, and the lights dim. A trailer opens on the big screen:

It’s a slow pan over a close-in shot of a planet, classic Star Wars stuff. People are expecting Respawn’s Star Wars game, or some new Battlefront DLC. Then, in the distance but approaching fast, we hear a familiar engine whine…


BOOM! The Ebon Hawk comes screeching into frame–fireworks-esque explosions optional but very much preferred! The ship blasts across the screen, potentially being pursued by something? and then jumps to lightspeed.


As the starstreaks clear, words resolve on the screen:

Knights of the Old Republic
Coming 2019

By this point I’m on the floor, literally buzzing with excitement.


I’d do some criminal crimes to get another Sleeping Dogs game


Ah… Rayman Arena…

I see you’re a fellow purveyor of fine art


When you have four siblings but didn’t have a Nintendo console, you had to take whatever multiplayer games you could find :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Luckily the races were actually pretty dope.


Given my fandom and tens of playthroughs of Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines I’d probably given a magic wand have an RPG / Sandbox game about vampire politics in first / third person using the Requiem mechanics… I know this is almost twisting your question but I love that RPG from Troika enough to bend the rules : - )

Being fair to your point i’d probably have to go with Half Life 3 but with the caveat that they be as ground breaking with it as they were with the original scaled up to account for the companies wealth and the time we are in now, from the nemesis systems and so on. I really would like to see Freeman’s daughter kick some Combine butt!


Obligatory Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge. Blood Wake.


I’ll keep saying Crimson Skies 3 and No One Lives Forever 3 until they put me in the dirt. Hell, I’ll have someone play a recording of me saying it as I’m lowered into my grave.


GOD, this as well


I would also love to see a Threes 2!


Haze, it was marketed and hyped up as Sony’s answer to Halo. Needless to say it wasn’t that. I don’t think I actually want this now though, I definitely did want them to scrap the first game and come back with something that could be Sony’s Halo multiplayer wise, but I think the time of that style of competitive console FPS is over now. Besides, Killzone ended up becoming Sony’s Halo anyway. But I like the color scheme and general aesthetics of each side they were going for in Haze. Yellow Vs. Red just felt refreshing compared to the Red Vs. Blue of Halo and Killzone. Also there were some interesting and unique mechanics that I would’ve loved to see get evolve over time.