Assuming 'Rage 2' Is Real, What Unexpected Sequel Would You Dream Up Next?


Such good memories of NOLF as a kid (both watching my dad playing them and trying myself for a short while).

My suggestions: LA Noire (with more adventure gamey-ness / improved mechanics, but essentially a lovingly crafted exploitable noir environment in that ilk). Grim Fandango (no idea how this would work but essentially I just want to walk around Rubacava again).

Basically, gaming needs more noir. It’s an untapped resource, pal.


I will hold grudge against the cowards at Square Enix until they make good on the sequel bait ending of Threads of Fate.


Oh, well… okay then.

Now for the part where it actually comes out outside of Japan.


Okay so Rage 2 is in fact real:

This has a very cool look! Post-apocalyptic punk is a good look when fully committed to, and I feel like Rage 2 understands and owns it.

HOWEVER - Andrew WK is fantastic, but his music is so glossy, shimmery, postive, and cleanly-produced. We often hear punk post-apocalyptic worlds scored by metal soundtracks, and I don’t get it! Lay down some rough, blown-out, three-piece garage punk, so fast and so aggressive it sounds like it’s gonna spill over into total dissonance if the guitarist loses feeling in their bleeding hand or the bassist snaps a second string before the end of the song.

This is a bit more thrash metal than punk, but I’d love to hear something like Helium Head-era Mutoid Man scoring this thing (only distinction in ‘eras’ being how rough the production is on this EP. all their albums fucking rip)


Metal Arms: A Glitch Reborn


my ideal soundtrack to a trailer for this game would be something from this album or their Lost Ground EP, at least of stuff that’d work for a trailer trying to reach an audience

honestly I’d rather see noisecore with incomprehensible screams as my ideal ideal


Not only is RAGE 2 real, but it’s being developed by MAD MAX developer Avalanche. There’s so much in the MM game that I think could work well in Rage, especially without having to be tied to the MM license. So for me, this is a lovely day!


You mean this tweet…

…wasn’t Danganronpa related?


I know this thread isn’t really about Rage but I feel like one of the few people I’m seeing in my circles that finds that trailer and aesthetic uhh…completely insufferable? It’s trying so hard. Like I don’t think there’s a lot of room nowadays for apocalypse stuff that takes itself super seriously (at least I don’t want that) but good lord that trailer is reaching Drawn to Death levels of unpleasant edginess. I went from being excited (I like the first Rage) to being worried. Idk man we’re already getting a borderlands 3 let’s keep that sort of eye roll worthy humor and “wackiness” contained there for now please


I was trying to figure out what was bothering me about that trailer and it was definitely the Borderlands vibe I got from it.


I’m going to chalk some of that up to it being a live-action teaser trailer… hopefully the gameplay footage has a better vibe. I think there’s still some room for a colorful, wacky post-apocalyptic setting without going all the way into Borderlands humor.

Bummer that this probably means Avalanche Sweden isn’t doing Just Cause 4.


Drill Dozer 2
Klonoa … 3? (There were like 4 games, but only 2 officially numbered ones.)
SSX (seriously, just reboot it already)

Fract: OSC 2. This is a game that I’m convinced no one actually played, even though it got blurbs at a bunch of sites. It’s a weird little platformer/exploration game with a neon vector art style, where you encounter puzzles in the form of broken machines, and in the course of reactivating them realize that you’re building some sort of simplified music synthesizer. Finishing the game gives you full access to said synthesizer to write tracks with.


You know what I want? I just want to play more games that use this.


as someone who used to own this (the guy who has it now also has my original xbox, all in working order, for free…too bad the dude didn’t deserve it, hindsight being 20/20 lmao) I can tell you that we absolutely need to have more games that make you feel like you’re inside of a mech cockpit and have 30+ buttons

seriously not joking at all when I say one of the top 5 most satisfying moments in gaming for me is flipping the “glass” (it was clear plastic but w/e) casing around the eject button and slamming on it so I didn’t lose my save due to pilot death and barely making it as explosions erupt around me


God, Mutoid Man should just get their own damn video game shouldn’t they?

I have no idea what the game would be about but anything built up around their desert wasteland punk aesthetic would be aces.


Brutal Legend 2 would be my choice.

Loved the first game, but it had some obvious flaws that could have been ironed out in a sequel. The story was also left very much incomplete.


Oh no, I’m totally with you. I hate this sort of cynical irony that just gets off on how frivolous it is. We get it, haha, tough guys with pink hair. That’s not the hair color tough guys usually have! This stuff always has really sinister sexist / homophobic implications.


I can’t shake this creeping feeling that the marketing team watched suicide squad and thoroughly enjoyed it


I really need another NBA and NFL Street game. They were such unique arcade sports games, but I guess when all arcade sports games dried up so did they.


It’s does feel very corporate focus-tested idea of punk doesn’t it. It’s a shame, cause the first Rage had some really legitimately cool designs that felt like they could have been inspired by Moebius comics or other european comic art of that ilk, especially in the main hub area. Like it definitely did have this kind of bland punk shit too, but it wasn’t the only thing. The gameplay trailer from this morning at least looks like it could be a fun game I guess?