Assuming 'Rage 2' Is Real, What Unexpected Sequel Would You Dream Up Next?


Unexpected might not be the right word, but I think there is plenty of places to go with Bloodborne 2 that wouldn’t step on the toes of Bloodborne 1. We don’t need callbacks or bridged gaps, the joy of cosmic horror is that it’s to large and unintelligible and complex. Mysteries can be left vague and new mysteries could be discovered without getting too lost up your own ass, answering questions that need not be answered.

Maybe look to Lovecrafts “Dream Cycle” stories next, go deeper into dream logic like the Old Hunter landscapes.


I would be unreasonably pleased if there ever was another Mirror’s Edge game announced.


i’m with you, i was only able to handle about five seconds of that trailer. god awful.


It would be cool to have a sequel to Carnivores Cityscape. This game is a sci-fi first person shooter about dinosaurs escaping the clutches of an evil corporation that designed these dinosaurs to be hunted by rich people. You can either play as a human Agent to kill the escaping dinosaurs or the dinosaurs who want to kill the Agents. I would love a really cool dinosaur game.


That sounds pretty rad and also reminds me that I would be extremely pleased if Capcom ever remembered that Dino Crisis exists.


Animal Crossing for Switch. I’m so hungry, Nintendo. Please.


Please someone make the following:

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery 2
Fable 4
Jade Empire 2
Pure 2
Brute Force 2 (kidding, but kinda not)


I want Jade Empire 2 SO MUCH. Been thinking about it a lot lately and planning another playthrough.


Things are looking good. Animal Crossing fans are dedicated though, so I could still believe these are fake.

Edit: I am gullible


I mean, Animal Crossing: New Leaf sold like 12 million copies.

I think the more unexpected outcome here is if they didn’t make a new Animal Crossing.


When I saw the original post on Twitter, I had a small heart attack before using my eyes and becoming very sad.


Yeah, I saw that post a couple weeks ago and just now remembered it as a legit rumour.


Split/Second 2 and Blur 2. If only because they were amazing concepts that had the misfortune of launching in the same timeframe as Red Dead Redemption. Some Bizarre Creations even had some WIP footage of Blur 2 which added more Anti-Gravity and even had races where you went against the elements like outrunning an avalanche. It’s darn criminal those games didn’t get fleshed out. And Split/Second had a sequel hook in a racing game how could I not be mad.




This tweet from 7 hours prior makes sense now that Rage 2 could be seen as their competition:



I hope this is as good as I want it to be.


Went through my PSN and Xbox account for more ideas. A lot of these are smaller series, but still sequels that I would like to see happen.

  • Patapon - I feel like a shake up of the whole formula would be needed (the game was REALLY grindy and didn’t have a great way of keeping you invested), but I would like to see the series pata pata pata pon forward.
  • Prinny - They’re just really good games that do a really good spin on the 'ol gh- you know what? Just…
  • Ghosts n’ Goblins - #BringArthurBack
  • Skullgirls - As cool as it is that they’re basically making Southeast Asian Valkyria Chronicles now, I would like to see Lab Zero return to the fighting game genre.
  • Sly 5 - Yeah, that cliffhanger at the end of Sly 4 still ticks me off.
  • Oreshika - Oreshika: Trainted Bloodlines was very near the top of my Game of the Year list for 2015, buuuut seeing as this was already an unexpected sequel to an obscure 1999 Japan-Only PS1 game that beat the odds not just by coming out but by getting localized too… well… I’m not getting my hopes up.
  • Katamari - Put :clap:t4: Katamari :clap:t4: on :clap:t4: the :clap:t4: Switch. (Also it’s been 7 years since the last non-mobile Katamari game and 9 years since the last good one. Time for a new one.)
  • Kisima Ingitchuna aka Never Alone - Not that the game needs a sequel, but that we need more games like it. Games that are meant to teach about culture, especially Aboriginal culture, in unique and fun ways.
  • Virtua Fighter - Tekken stole the crown from Street Fighter as the #1 game in the FGC last year (though Capcom still puts in more money). Sounds like a good time to bring back the best 3D fighter series.
  • Jet Set Radio - I’m disappointed in everyone here, myself included, for it to take this long for JSR to come up.
  • Clash of Heroes - The puzzle offshoot of the Might & Magic series, this match 3 strategy game actually had a lot more depth than you would think, even having some legs when it came to multiplayer.
  • Banjo-Kazooie - Yeah, I’m still one of those suckers that gets his hopes up whenever “Banjo-Threeie” gets thrown around in the rumour mill. Shut up. They’re good platformers.
  • Monday Night Combat - While there was a sequel (that is about to shut down in a week due to GDPR), it was more of a MOBA than the originals mixture of tower defence/third-person-shooter. I guess I should be careful what I wish for, hoping for a new one, because I bet a new sequel will try and chase the trends like the last one, becoming a sort of Battle Royale game… which honestly could still possibly work.
  • ilomilo - Do you remember ilomilo? It was adorable. I want another one.


The first game is still pretty recent but… Sunset Overdrive 2?

Hopefully Insomniac puts some of that flair for mobility into Spider-Man, but there still ain’t nothing like the real thing.


Mass effect: Andromeda 2. I think that game deserves a proper squeal with full funding and no interference from EA.


we need another game in the G-Police series!