'Astro Bot' Is a Nintendo Quality Platformer That's Also a VR Stunner


"Astro Bot is the Mario 64 of virtual reality," read a comment aimlessly floating through my social media recently, prompting a mixture of suspicion, curiosity, and snark. It's a hell of a statement, given how much Mario 64 singularly changed video games, and, to be clear, not one I'm making. But the claim was audacious enough to prompt the cleaning of cables around my home theater, letting me plug in PlayStation VR headset for the first time since playing Moss, a charming adventure game, earlier this year. I've been a VR advocate for a while, and continue to support VR in the abstract, but when I only have an hour or so to play something at night, VR is too much. I'd rather just flip on the TV, lay awkwardly on the couch, and move on. Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, however, is worth all of the extra effort. It's not the Mario 64 of virtual reality, but who cares? It's tremendous.

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Great article and has further sold me on this game. I only own an oculus though, so I’m gonna have to go to a friend’s house to play this. RIP.


My tired brain keeps parsing the thread title as if it says “VR S.T.U.N. Runner” for a split second and I keep almost flipping out.

I don’t have the $$$ for VR but this article makes the game sound rad so I’ll definitely grab it if I ever get the stuff.


Man, so now Astro Bot on top of Moss for VR titles I’ll have to check out? I’ve been picking up more gimmicky VR titles (Sprint Vector, Superhot VR, Creed) that’ve I’ve had a good time with, but it sounds like these platformers are nothing to sneeze at either. Either way, I am glad to see continued development of VR. I still have faith it’ll get better in time.

Oh, also gotta throw in my quick shout out: don’t sleep on the Wipeout Omega Collection people. It’s fully playable standard as well as VR, but that VR experience (which on paper sounds like it should be a disaster waiting to happen) works SO well. Like Resident Evil 7 well.