'Astrologaster' Asks if Bad Medicine Can Make a Good Doctor

Astrologaster is a game bookended by pandemics. It begins in 1592, when a wave of the Black Death sweeps London. The player takes on the role of Forman, an unlicensed doctor who swaps the traditional physician’s tools for astrology and fortune-telling. Forman catches the plague, but looks to the stars to decide which ingredients he should mix into a tonic. After drinking the resulting “strongwater,” he somehow survives. 

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Wonderful article for a really wonderful game.
Astrologaster is a gem: it surprised me for its top notch dubbing and its sweet comedic tone: I think it’s the only videogame that made me laugh out in front of the screen!
Also it was included in the social justice itch.io bundle so there’s really no reason not to not play it.
More of this please!