Asynchronous Multiplayer Hangouts

I have a lot of pals who game at various levels of casual to core gamer who I would love to hang out with more in a gamespace, but we can’t find a decent game to do it in. Does anyone else want a kind of game experience where you can play with buddies but don’t necessarily have to be online at the exact same time?

The best example of this I know is Minecraft, which was nice. It was fun to see people hop on and offline, and to see what they were building. The sense of sharing a space was great and I miss that.

I think the upcoming Animal Crossing allows asynchronous mp too? But beyond that, I’m looking for that experience, though specifically not in a PvP sense. Anyone got any recs?

(Besides FFXIV, I can’t con my friends into it, alas.)


VRChat is a neat place to hang out, if you find the right crowd. They offer the ability to create private rooms, and there are plenty of rooms with quirky games and what not.

I could also seem some value in hanging out in GTA or RDR2 Online. I’ve wanted to find a group to go hunting with, or a group to tackle hesists with.

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I really enjoyed Terraria this way. It’s obviously got similarities to Minecraft, but I’d liked the 2D exploration more.

There was just 3 of us, but we each kind of delved into our own sort of interests. One player was almost exclusively focused on building a ridiculous base. Another just wanted to go fight stuff. While I was more of a gatherer. But yeah, we had a private server and would just hop in when we could. It was a lot of fun.

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When I think of asynchronous multiplayer, I think of the civ games. Civ 5 needed an outside program to automate asynchronous games, but I believe civ 6 has it built in. The games tend to take a long time getting started, but once you’re going there’s plenty of room for plotting or role play.

It’s a very cutthroat game, but Subterfuge has this quality, a bit. It is technically synchronous, but the time-scale is so slow that it means players can live on different sides of the world and still play a great game.

A lot of mobile games will take a kind of “play-by-mail” approach, where you just send out your move and wait for a response. But I suspect this isn’t quite what we’re looking for here.

Honestly, I really had not thought much about this kind of multiplayer until I saw this thread right now. Really curious what others will throw-in. I’ll try to see if anything else comes to mind.

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