At Insane Clown Posse’s DCGCon, the Clown Is Down with Board Games and RPGs

When I first arrived in Denver Colorado for the Dark Carnival Games Convention, wearing a circus-themed dress and an Insane Clown Posse hoodie, I felt totally alone.

This was the first ICP event I was going to without my usual guide, my partner Ape, who has been a fan of ICP (a Juggalo) since he was a teenager. As a Juggalo new to the community, I was excited but pretty nervous. Having traveled across the United States to attend the Gathering of the Juggalos, the March on DC and Juggalo Weekend, I had some experience under my belt, but as a queer femme, being in a group of men known for “wilding out” was a little intimidating.

I needn’t have worried.

Arriving at the convention hotel, I heard the familiar sounds of joyful “whoop whoop”ing and laughter, then I saw them—hundreds of Juggalos, all here for a weekend of concerts, partying, and… gaming?

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This is the most Vice headline on Waypoint in awhile, and the article was everything I wanted and more.

Also, huge respect for anyone who runs an RPG for strangers at a game con. It isn’t easy, and there’s a lot that can go wrong. But it’s always so great to hear about people trying out RPGs and getting into the hobby.


Into the Echoside has been on my wishlist for years.

I’ve really grown to appreciate ICP and the Juggalos. Yeah, they’re corny as all hell, but they really do seem to be open-hearted and prioritize family and togetherness above all else.

Side note: One of my favorite Giant Bomb bits is Jeff describing his time as an ICP onlooker.


This is a very good article.