At Play in the Carceral State: A Letter from the Editor

All week, Waypoint will be diving into stories about how gaming intersects with prison and prison culture. Here's why.

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This is a topic I’m fascinated by, so thank you to the Waypoint team for putting this feature together. How we think about time in prison is a deeply important topic, for reasons that Austin discussed in the piece and more. Given the importance of games in my life (beyond their role as a hobby), I feel that understanding how games can be, theoretically or in reality, interacted with in prison is a subject of both interest and importance.


So as bummed as I was when Austin left Giant Bomb last year, I think I finally get why he wanted to start Waypoint. Because seriously: what other gaming site would run this deeply political, high-concept series with a “letter from the editor” that explicitly referenced Foucault? And on the other hand, what general-interest news site would examine the issue of the “carceral state” from such a niche angle?

Stuff like this is why Waypoint exists. And I sure am glad it exists.