Atomic Heart Trailer

Atomic Heart looks incredible, there’s so much in this trailer that really does it for me, there’s this vibe in it I’d describe as almost Ballardian alien invasion meets comedic late Soviet aesthetic and I’m HERE. FOR. IT.

Like who or what is the little clear blob thing?? Is this aliens? Is it AU Soviet experiments? Both (it kinda seems like both)? The robot designs looks incredible, all the weird alien looking things look…truly alien and not just like humans with purple skin or whatever like this is so up my alley.

What do y’all think? I hadn’t even heard this game existed before today’s trailer drop.



It looks cool and has distinct look though I am always kinda wary of entertainment evoking soviet imaginery (though the developers are Russian so at the very least I know I won’t have to deal with western idea of Soviet Union). Here’s hope they’ll stick the landing and do something interesting with this cause it has potential.

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The main thing that intrigues me about this is that it’s fucking weird.

We need more big budget weird games


I’m not really into the blood / gore robot clown aesthetic.
I’d be more interested if violence was marketed as a rare dangerous scenario, as opposed to a core gameplay mechanic.
Thought the song was rad. Bummer about the eye stabbing blood fountain though.
Gave off some classic SCP vibes.


Gives off a strong Bioshock vibe.


Wow I had also heard absolutely nothing about this before but I’m extremely on board with whatever the weird alarming absurdity going on here is… I’d really like to see a final game that actually matches this trailer’s tone

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Certainly appears to be a shooter!

The visual style is interesting - it’s got that slightly muted color palette I don’t much care for but otherwise OK - and it kinda reminds me of new Wolfenstein, which is a very good thing. The danger is that it’ll be one of those games that thinks just being weird is enough, but we’ll have to see. Definitely getting that vibe from the trailer though.

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Pc gamer got more information regarding Atomic heart and tbh it’s real starting to win me over.

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“Atomic Heart was conceived as an open-world game,” said Mundfish CEO Robert Bagratuni. “We want to enable players to choose the sequence of actions themselves instead of limiting them to a linear path. The world of the game is in fact the entire Soviet Union—a vast circle, the borders of which reach the Arctic in the north, Altai mountain in the south, and with plains, lakes and much more in the middle. At the same time, the huge infrastructure of Plant 3826 and its underground facilities are spread all over the map. The key infrastructure elements are connected by railways. As for whether this is a shooter: in some places it is, it depends where you can find ammo.”

So, Atomic Heart is an open-world first-person shooter set in an alternate Soviet Union where some seriously strange stuff’s going down. The railway infrastructure Bagratuni touched on makes me think of Metro, which is another game for our already towering pile of speculative influences. But while some elements of Atomic Heart are undeniably similar to other games, what actually inspired its bonkers setting?

“There’s no simple answer,” Bagratuni said. “Artyom, the author of the Atomic Heart synopsis, has been working on the script for more than seven years. Since he and some of the other members of the team were born in the USSR, many ideas came from those times. Many are comparing it with BioShock and Fallout, but in fact we took the atmosphere from our childhood, from books we grew up on. Strugatsky, Lem, Harrison. That fantasy had a special place in the life of a Soviet citizen. And when all this is merged with the internet, robotics, the Soviet Union and food coupons, you get Atomic Heart.”

Robotics, in particular, is a driving force in Atomic Heart’s wild Soviet Union. “Plant 3826 was originally producing agricultural robots for working in the fields, gathering timber, protecting the peace and working at homes,” Bagratuni said. “They were very popular in the USSR, so the machines were everywhere. There was a robot in every house, in every enterprise. Then they went mad.”

I love everything about this!!

Kinda ashamed I didn’t caught that upon first listening to the trailer but the song featured in it is a cover of Ostatnia Niedziela! Here’s it in original polish:

And here’s trailer version:

(Russians apparently real love this song and it’s pretty popular over there.)

“Isle of Klezbos” is a pun on “klezmer” and “lesbos” so it’s also very good

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