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Hey gang,

Very sorry if this has been brought up before, but I searched and didn’t see it – also didn’t see any other place to provide feedback for the Waypoint crew. If such a place exists, please let me know and I will do it there instead.

I really enjoy listening to every podcast and occasionally watching the streams during slow times at work. I feel as though lately the audio quality of both, but particularly the streams, has been a little rough. I just fired up the stream of Destiny 2 that showed up on YouTube, for example, the the sound is peaking and crunchy the whole way through. I’m not by any means an audiophile, but this distortion is proving too much even for me. I’m even finding it particularly anxiety-inducing!

Just wondering if there are any plans to address this in the future, as for now I think I have to steer clear of enjoying the streams :frowning:

Still love you guys,


As someone who builds out audio/video solutions at work and has built my setup with quality, easy audio in mind. Audio is the most difficult and expensive part of streaming. High-powered mics are hundreds of dollars, require a powerful amp and mixer. If you’re playing with people you need to run all your audio through a mixer that has aux outs that you can build buses for that only send your voice and not the VoIP call or your gameplay into the call. This is all for the audio of the person/s that are broadcasting so you’re still at the whim of bandwidth and the audio setups of the people not on location and since the work from home in NYC some days and Patrick and Rob are not in NYC… My guess is their best option is to use USB mics and their Lav mics and make it work with software solutions depending on each of their various streaming setups.


Hey, EngiMantis! I’m not staff, but I forwarded this topic to them & I can say that your concerns have been heard and understood. The team are appreciative of the feedback and are looking for where improvements can be made. Of course, production is complicated, so I can’t comment much beyond saying that the feedback has been received.

Thank you for your time! I hope other streams aren’t as anxiety-inducing!

I’m going to pop a timer on this topic for any other comments but will close it for now so any future topic gets its own thread, which makes it easier to pass it around when it comes up!

(P.S. This is totally the right place for that kind of feedback!!)


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