Audiogame Jam, a charity fund-raising game jam


Hi everyone, I’m organising a game jam to raise money for a UK based sight loss charity, the Royal National Institute for Blind People. The game jam is Audiogame Jam, where participants must submit games that are playable without sight. It runs from the 6th to the 15th of October.

You can find out more about it on it’s page at


Some more news regarding Audiogame Jam. There is now a Crowdforge page for team building that some may find a bit more useful than the older Audiogame Jam forums. You can find it here.

Another link, and something I should have put in the original post is to the donations page for donating to RNIB.

I’m organising Audiogame Jam to raise money for RNIB as they’re a charity that have supported me a great deal as I’ve developed and learned to live with my own sight loss.


Audiogame Jam is over for this year and there’s a bunch of new (hopefully) blind accessible games to try.

There was also a local event held by Rising Pixel in Gran Canaria, so while I haven’t tried them yet I’m know there’s at least one Spanish language game too, maybe more. You’ll find them here.

The jam was yo taise money for charity, and any donations can be made at the page.

If you do try any of the games please let me know what you think. The games’ creators and I are very keen to get feedback and opinions on the games.