Austin, Patrick, and Cado Need to Talk About 'Anthem' ASAP. For 90 Minutes.

Austin's been on vacation this week, which by Austin's standards means he's been playing Anthem and needs to talk about it. Well, so have Patrick and Cado, so we decided it made the most sense to just sit down and work out our thoughts on BioWare's Iron Man + Destiny game. It's complicated, y'all.

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Austin: “It’s iron man with a few more feet”

Damn, it an iron man AND it got feet?


hey has anyone said Anthem, Seeker of Darkness yet


I am legitimately having a good time with Anthem. Maybe a bit like Patrick and/or Austin, I put a fair number of emotional investment chips into the game - from the betas and such to the early access.

I love how different the Javelins are. I unlocked the Interceptor today and it’s been so much fun. I love that I care more about the NPCs in Fort Tarsis than I’ve ever cared about anyone in the Tower in Destiny (YMMV). And I haven’t even gotten to play with friends yet, which made my experience with Destiny 50 times more enjoyable.

And I totally get all of the complaints and critiques. I’m 100% in the zone of “I want for BioWare to get the time to make this game into the thing it could become.”


I mean, it is Anthem the First.

Okay, you can’t just say that


I’m very interested in the lore implications of the shapers. I haven’t played anthem, but it immediately reminds me of the premise behind the Russian classic Roadside Picnic. For those who don’t know the book is the inspiration for the classic movie Stalker and ends eventually the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game. I’ll throw the details behind the spoiler below, but they’re very minor worldbuilding spoilers:

At some point in 8 zones in the world, objects appear. These objects do literally incomprehensible things, and often lead to people going mad. Also going into the zone itself can have health effects on you and your family despite seemingly no contamination. Eventually the idea is put forth that Visitors, some higher form of life, briefly stopped on the earth. They used it as a quick stop, maybe left some trash behind, some tire marks, etc, but left. They didn’t even intend to mess with the world. But humans simply can’t comprehend the objects, it would be like asking an ant colony to understand how a smartphone works. Humans being humans, can’t help but try to figure it out. It would be fantastic if the answer to the shapers was: they didn’t even intend for the disruption. It’s just junk that fell off the back of a truck, acting on its own. There’s no intent, but what humans ascribe to it. Even as it twists reality, its truly unintentional.


Can’t wait for the sequel, Xemthan


So Anthem and Anthem The Wise are different people?


@leburgan having seen Stalker but never read Roadside Picnic, thank you for the spoiler!

Also, I hate to be that guy, but @patrick.klepek 1:06 in, you mean exacerbate, not exasperate (although it being made worse can in itself be exasperating)