Austin Walker's Top 10 Games of the Year


This got long, so I’m not going to do a big intro about what a strange, frustrating year this has been. (Besides, I sort of already wrote that.)

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It interesting to see Austin go from “Nier may not make it on his top game list” to be number 2. Kinda shows how strong the themes of Nier are and what games can do with stories.


Mr. Walker has a way with words.


Heck, it was a pretty wild year for Netrunner outside of just Terminal Directive. The Red Sands Cycle sent us to Mars, and it was pretty crazy. So crazy that they actually decided to implement a true restricted and banned list.

Afterwards, we prepared for the first rotation to happen, which would finally take some of our favorite toys away… and finally give Whizzard what he truly deserved.

And then early rotation got announced alongside the Revised Core Set (something that had only been talked about as a rumor for years),which saved some of the good stuff that would’ve been lost due to rotation and got rid of some of the stuff that was holding design back out of the old core.


And to end the year, the Kitara Cycle kicks off, sending us to cyberpunk Africa. If all the packs look to be as good as Sovereign Sight is, next year looks to be a blast.

(I mean, APEX got a good card!)


Surprised to see Mario not get mention at all. Did he not play it? I don’t remember him saying he was disappointed in it or anything…


Nier, the main source of my Xbox woes.

One day I’ll build a pc, and get to enjoy this game beyond YouTube videos…

Then PS4’ll drop another exclusive.


I mentioned Mario in my section on Gravity Rush 2! I’ve never really liked a 3D Mario game. Odyssey wasn’t different for me. Love that other people are having a great time with it, but in year with so many great games, it’s not even in my top 30.


Oof. I skipped over reading that section because I still plan on playing Gravity Rush 2. I should have at least searched for Mario in your list though. My bad!

And that’s fair that both it’s not your thing and that there were THIRTY PLUS games you enjoyed this year alone more than it. Not every game is for everyone and 2017 was a helluva year.


Oh man does Unexplored sound tempting. That sort of procedural generation and storytelling is right up my alley and I’d missed this release completely until now.


The success of Nier gives me hope for more sad games. I miss being sad and being ok with being sad, and sad making enough money to support itself.


This is definitely going to get me to finally pick up and play Dishonored 2 (and then Death of the Outsider). Played a bit of the demo last night. Looking forward to playing more.

I had some performance/control complaints about Unexplored when I tried it over the summer. Maybe I should give it another shot and see if things have been ironed out.


I think it’s worth noting that in most cases when I go to other sites for GoTY content, it’s because I want to see what games made the lists of those writers/personalities. Waypoint is unique for me because I care way more about why the games made their list, and what they have to say about them than I do most other sites.

I am guilty of skimming top ten lists this time of year in order to see what game titles are bolded as number one, two and three instead of reading them through, but not with Waypoint.

Great stuff Austin, I really want to check out Netrunner but I don’t have anyone to play it with. :sleepy:


In this year of insanely good games, with a backlog I’m still grinding through…I may have randomly started playing No Man’s Sky again a couple of days ago. Thanks for making me feel slightly less crazy!


Great list.

Has Austin ever done any No Man’s Sky streams? I would watch the heck out of his space adventures.


Just very happy to see Battle Chef on there.