Austin's Here Now, Entertain Him: We Talk Mechs, Kingdom Hearts, THQ, More


The beach scene in Atonement manages to be very technically impressive while also being extremely emotionally affecting. I can watch it out of context and still get emotional about it.


You’ll be fine! All Bandai kits go together very well and you just need some patience to deal with the bigger ones. The patience required and the volume of plastic are really the only difference between kits.


I’m always on the lookout for games like Objects In Space because I loved Chou Soujuu Mecha MG, the spiritual successor to Robot Alchemic Drive. It had the gimmick of giving each of the 40+ mechs a different touchscreen interface, often with their own idiosyncrasies. E.g. a steam mech requires you to shovel coal into a burner and turn valves to distribute that steam power to the various systems, a cowboy mech requires dragging ammo from storage into the revolver drum and the nuke launcher gives you a PIN pad to type in the launch code before revealing the big red button.