Australian Politics Thread - Leadership Spill Time


Not sure if there are many other Australians around here but we’re currently extremely unsure who will be Prime Minister next week so I figured now is as good a time for a thread as ever.


Important to note that no Prime Minister has held their office to term since 2007. Australian politics is a nightmare landscape.


literally the only advantage the libs have right now is that Turnbull is massively more popular than Shorten and they’re about to drop him for a cop with one of the lowest approval ratings of any politician and who is probably not even eligible to sit in Parliament. Auspol owns actually


Hilarious to see these morons tear their fragile alliance apart because they think the nazi cop will win them Queensland back.

As always, it takes this kind of private schoolboy backstabbers to make Bill Shorten look like a credible opposition leader. Even then they can’t hit the government with anything harder than “hurhur aren’t they disorganised? What good are they if they can’t implement exactly the same policies we would?”

God Auspol is a dumb hole.


They’ve spent five years criticising Rudd-Gillard-Rudd and not a second learning from it. If sense prevails, the Liberal party’s implosion will serve as a wake up call for Labor and we can finally have an energy policy based in reality.


(Courtesy of the Simpsons Against the Liberals Facebook page)

Looks like Peter Dutton has been cleared of any legal problems with being in office, so we might see another attempt today. Depends if he can get these 43 signatures or not.



I guess we’re doing this


The full advice on Dutton’s eligibility from the solicitor-general was more complicated but it basically boiled down to “i don’t think he’s ineligible but this should probably go before the high Court”, so he’s cleared for now but it’ll definitely come up again. Either way it appears to be On so see you on the other side comrades


Whoever the next Prime Minister is it’s not Malcolm Turnbull


That’s going to be a pain. He’ll be as bad as Dutton but probably more popular.


Yeah it’s probably the worst result all around. He’s almost as much of a Nazi as Dutton but is better at hiding it and more electable, but he’s not quite openly evil enough to satisfy the far right of the party so they’ll be looking to try again somewhere down the line. They’re probably still utterly fucked in the next election but Morrison might actually manage to get something done before then which is worrying


I wish Sean Micallef’s Mad as Hell was airing at the moment. It would be nice to laugh about this for a little bit instead of just sighing.
If there is one nice thing I can say about Turnbull its that he isn’t Morrison… or Dutton…or Abbot.


boy this went well


All the previous polls indicated that Turnbull’s personal popularity was actually propping the Coalition vote up slightly, with his lead in the preferred PM metric being one of the government’s only polling positives. If the MPs expected the public to be impressed by this spill they were fooling themselves.

Not to mention the the loss of Liberal Party’s most competent minister (and most popular with the public) Julie Bishop. She’s also one of the Party’s best fundraisers and meanwhile Turnbull is their #1 donor. Just a bad PR move all around.


What’s the state of the left in Australia, is there any real socialist strength in your Labor party?


The factional left of the Labor party has some strength, but isn’t the dominant branch of the party in most states. They’ll make up a certain proportion of the leadership/cabinet at any one time thanks to power-sharing agreements between the factions, but not currently enough to properly budge e.g. Labor’s bad current immigration policy.


Socialists don’t have a major presence in Australian electoral politics, unfortunately. The left faction of the Labor party has some progressive positions - although ‘progressive’ mostly just means ‘doesn’t think it’s okay to lock refugees in concentration camps indefinitely’ - but often isn’t capable of shaping wider policy. The Australian Greens party also isn’t socialist, but they’re the closest we have and they’re capable of enacting real change since Labor governments sometimes need their votes to pass legislation. Their links to their American counterparts are pretty tenuous as far as I’m aware, which from what I’ve heard seems like it’s a good thing.


Saw this and snorted out loud. I’d heard that Malcolm Turnbull had the largest local electorate personal vote in the Coalition, but this confirms it. This by-election will be interesting, Labor will still have trouble winning it outright but don’t need to hit 50% 2PP if they can push an independent into the seat.


It gets more interesting still Turnbull’s son is openly advocating for Labor in the seat of Wentworth. Strange bedfellows in these times.


Today’s Newspoll. Morrison’s had a surge in approval rating now that he’s had a couple of weeks to do PR, but the Coalition hasn’t moved from its last 44-56 result.