Authors face on articles


Minor annoyance/improvement suggestion, put the author of the article’s photo next to their name. I’m really bad with remembering names outside of the core staff and having a friendly smiling face next to the authors name would really help with remembering who they were and what they’ve written for the site in the past. Both Austin and Patrick have it but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else for some reason.

As an example

I couldn’t for the life of me tell you who Janine Hawkins is or what else they have written for the site but if I click through to see what other articles they wrote I can see they have done a lot including that great piece on the Second Life bunnies that all died because someone couldn’t challenge a cease and desist.

Not sure if this would be a hard thing to make sure every writer has but it would really go a long way with those of us who remember faces but not names so much. :slight_smile:


Faces are probably for staff writers. Not every site wants to or has the system in place to handle non-staff writer avatars/pictures usually. There’s also the issue of not everyone wanting their face up there next to what they write. For the entirety of my professional writing career I’ve never had a real face next to what I write.


I understand the desire to differentiate staff writers from freelance, as well as protecting people’s image. But couldn’t people still choose some sort of avatar? I mean, almost everyone who writes for Waypoint has a public Twitter profile with an image attached to it. Part of the appeal of Waypoint is how the audience learns the personalities of the writers/illustrators, and it makes it easier for some readers (like @Wazanator) to have a picture along with a name.

Just a suggestion.