Avatars not showing up?

Got on this morning to find most avatars on the site weren’t showing up, mine included. I tried uploading a new one and it uploaded fine, but then it just didn’t show up. Anyone else having this problem?

Should also add this is affecting default letter avatars too, some are just appearing as blank person silhouettes.

Yeah, same issue here

Yup, same with me. Only my avvie shows up.

Seems to be happening to something like half of avatars I see


Thanks all for reporting this issue. I’m looking into it at the moment.

Hi everyone,

There are some backend issues that are being worked out. It should be fixed in a couple hours per discourse staff.



Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone is still experiencing avatar thumbnails still not showing up for other users?

Seems to be fixed, based on my avatar not showing up in replied comments, but being their now :+1:

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Everything seems to be working now

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