'Avengers' Shows How Subtitles Are More Complicated Than Just Text

I often play games with subtitles on, and noticed that in Marvel's The Avengers, the game also has something it calls "closed captions." With closed captions flipped on, the subtitles go far beyond purely dialogue, and begin to describe the action occurring on the screen, too.

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That’s great! We need audio description next.

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This game is so weird that the subtitles sometimes read from a different script than the voice actors are using. And like the article mentions, are sometimes ahead a few seconds so they spoil the scene. There are a few that are purely stage directions with no sound at all, that’s a choice.

Oh, if the sound fails, the subtitles don’t load either. That happened to me twice.

The subtitle timing across the board is very haphazard. Sometimes they’ll pop in for less than a second, barely enough to read it in time. Them including these readability functions and audio transcriptions for subtitles are great, but unless they really take the time to make sure those subtitles are consistently timed, then it’s not going to matter as much.

(signed: a person who did fansub timing back in the day)