Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Thread

I’d completely forgotten until just now - less than 30 minutes before it starts - but the 2021 “online” edition of Awesome Games Done Quick is happening this week.
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I thought I’d make a thread for it, just in case.
There’s a few interesting games being speedrun for the first time in a GDQ (RollerGames, more interestingly - Into The Breach, which is unusual as we rarely see tactical speedruns).
there’s also some show-off stunt speedruns - a C-Sides speedrun of Celeste on dance pads, for example.


The sign that the new year has begun: Forgetting how early AGDQ starts


Really upset I missed the speed run race of Ori 2! The first game had a really good race one year (Starts at 30 minutes or so) I’ll definitely be catching that vod

I’ve been watching in and off when I’ve had a chance and I keep missing some really good ones! Thankfully I caught the Divinity Original Sin 2 speed run and as someone who has 70+ hours and isn’t finished, it was wild to see how they exploit the waypoint teleport system to skip huge parts of the game

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The waypoint teleports and the whole physics damage system too. [It’s always dangerous to add physics to your game if you don’t want it speedrun, apparently!]

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All of the exploits of the death fog and oil barrels in the speed run was incredible too. Has me thinking about another play through cause I definitely wasn’t using the elemental/physics system in full

The Into The Breach speedrun was as impressive as I thought it would be - like speed chess, although the runner did specifically use a combination of Frozen Titans and the secret Zoltan pilot to allow fast play (because the Zoltan pilot has a shield every turn, you can use them to “block incoming bugs” for free, for example). Still, the rapid decision making was very impressive - it would be interesting to see how far you can push this if you’re going for a 3 or 4 island victory…


Dang. Missed… 3 days O_o;

All the GDQs are now “catchupablewith” live, though - however they do their stream config, you can see all of their video for the entire event, and find whatever you want. (I watched the D:OS2 speedrun a few hours after it happened.)


They upload all the runs to YouTube as well.

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Catching up with runs today - the Spider Man: Shattered Dimensions speedrun is a lot of fun [and it’s a game which seemed to pass a lot of people by, being a Nintendo DS only game].

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that game is so good and that run was so good as well

My sleep schedule is fucked beyond belief right now so it’s great that GDQ’s awful block ran tonight. Lots of fun games, I really enjoyed Alcatraz: Prison Escape in particular. The two weeks a year where there is a real life thing going on at 4 am are always a relief. It’s cool that I’m not the only one doing stuff.


As always, the “physical rhythm games” exhibition - this AGQD “Beat Saber” rather than DDR-like games the previous 2 - is both super impressive and also super intimidating.


Watching the Ratchet and Clank speedruns, you gotta think that Insomniac almost wants their games to be exploitable for speedrunners. The fact that every visible piece of geography has collision, no matter how far outside the intended play space, and that they don’t use invisible walls to block off areas that are meant to be accessible opens up so many up-and-over approaches.


GDQ just isn’t the same without the crowd element. It’s what separates it from the speedrun Twitch streams that happen every day.

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I disagree. GDQ is a great way to curate talented speed runners in a showcase of talent and skill. I really liked Argick’s Sonic Mania run. I’d never heard of him before, I probably won’t watch him again, but it was great to see him run that game. He commentated himself, and was a great performer.

Other runners had great guest commentators. When you watch a speedrun on a normal stream, the streamer isn’t going to point out the tips and tricks they’re doing. In GDQ the commentators commentate in such a way that tricks that might go unseen by an unskilled viewer can receive the recognition they deserve.

Does the crowd aspect help? Absolutely. But it’s not the most important part