Awesome Games Done Quick 2023

I know we don’t always have the biggest influx of discussion about AGDQ anymore, but there’s usually enough replies to make a thread worth it, so…

The next Awesome Games Done Quick is starting relatively soon (1630 UTC), and I think it’s the last one with Mike Uyama (the original founder of the GDQs) involved, as he’s stepping down.
Despite being a wholly-remote GDQ again, this is both a positive and negative thing, as there’s a pretty geographically distributed set of runners. (Personally, I’m looking forward to the Worms Armageddon run by RuffledBricks, which is pretty technical.)

As always, schedule: Games Done Quick
(and stream on the main gdq webpage).


Thanks for the notice! GDQ is always a good time. Curious to see the Mirror’s Edge 2 speedrun.

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Yaaaay GDQ! The superluminal run should be fun to watch I hope.

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So far, “most surprising run” has been the Bomberman 64 run - who knew they’d get such a celebrity to run it?

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Also, for those of you who like runs which are as much about the runner talking fast and being a “personality” as they are about doing impressive bounds-clipping etc, the Fashion Police Squad run by danejerus is definitely one of those.

It’s also followed by an impressive Transistor run which I just mostly have to mention because Transistor is still the best game SuperGiant ever made and they should be making a sequel to it…

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention! finally getting around to watching this, really enjoying it

Yeah, Bricks was apparently deluged with appreciation from people after he did the run, to his own surprise :slight_smile: