Awesome Games Done Quick 2023

I know we don’t always have the biggest influx of discussion about AGDQ anymore, but there’s usually enough replies to make a thread worth it, so…

The next Awesome Games Done Quick is starting relatively soon (1630 UTC), and I think it’s the last one with Mike Uyama (the original founder of the GDQs) involved, as he’s stepping down.
Despite being a wholly-remote GDQ again, this is both a positive and negative thing, as there’s a pretty geographically distributed set of runners. (Personally, I’m looking forward to the Worms Armageddon run by RuffledBricks, which is pretty technical.)

As always, schedule: Games Done Quick
(and stream on the main gdq webpage).


Thanks for the notice! GDQ is always a good time. Curious to see the Mirror’s Edge 2 speedrun.

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Yaaaay GDQ! The superluminal run should be fun to watch I hope.

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So far, “most surprising run” has been the Bomberman 64 run - who knew they’d get such a celebrity to run it?


Also, for those of you who like runs which are as much about the runner talking fast and being a “personality” as they are about doing impressive bounds-clipping etc, the Fashion Police Squad run by danejerus is definitely one of those.

It’s also followed by an impressive Transistor run which I just mostly have to mention because Transistor is still the best game SuperGiant ever made and they should be making a sequel to it…

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention! finally getting around to watching this, really enjoying it

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Yeah, Bricks was apparently deluged with appreciation from people after he did the run, to his own surprise :slight_smile:

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the energy in the b64 run is so fun