Baby Driver: Thoughts and Possible Spoilers

Baby Driver is one of the most stylish and efficient pieces of film making I have seen in a very long time. And one of the most unique I have seen yet. Shout out to Edgar Wright for delivering another brilliant film without using Simon Pegg and Nick Frost this time. Just came home from a screening today.


The way the music intersects with plot and pacing with the film is just…ugh, it’s so good. I love superhero movies, but Baby Driver is good palate cleanser from big budgeted, studio heavily controlled, movies. Loved it. Don’t watch a trailer. See it immediately if your schedule is free.


I forgot who, but somebody called it a “car heist musical” and like…if anybody belongs in the middle of that very tasty Venn diagram, it’s me.


I am seeing this tomorrow and I am hyped. I have heard nothing but great things about it.

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Umm, the movie was good and I wish I had more nuanced things to say about it than that it makes me wish I was a better driver. I’m just a savvy and a good enough driver to know the things that are done with that Subaru are amazing and I need to learn to drive a stick.


I saw it tonight for my birthday with my family. They all loved it. Thought it was going to be bad. I also loved it. This is probably the best review for it though.

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I really liked the way they did the musical beats lined up with the shots (that first one where he goes to get coffee in particular), and there’s some great acting in it (not a fan of Ansel Elgort tho), but it just didn’t quite hit the mark for me? I couldn’t even tell you why, my immediate was just ‘eh, that was alright’.

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I only saw the fist trailer and Added it to my see when comes out list and avoided everything other then Edgar wright the director there a Red car and the main character name is Baby and Man this Movie is Good the Editing is top notch all the humor I think hit for me I was not expecting the SwitchI thought for sure Kevin Spacey was gonna be in the Dinner not john hamm I glad the World had Consequences Also Is he Slow is on Spotify right now So hopefully Kevin Spacey does more music

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I saw this last night with my wife and I enjoyed it so much. It’s not my favorite Edgar Wright movie, but it is so excellently made and fun. I guess my only negative is that it’s kind of exactly what you expect from the movie. The first act sets up exactly what you’re going to get in the next two. However, Wright and everyone involved just seem to be showing off their filmmaking chops and I loved it.

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Good movie, but there were times where I got bored. I didn’t really care about Baby and Debora’s relationship for the 1st half, and the action scenes aren’t too great until the 2nd half either. Baby is a good character, but he starts out as someone who doesn’t exactly feel unique. Darling felt more like a foil for (near ending spoiler) Buddy’s fighting with Baby later in the film than someone to care about. The music wasn’t a stand out for me until the shootout with the Butcher that was set to Tequila.

The 2nd half of the film is when the action ramps up and the film starts to stand out much more. Major spoilers: Baby going “fuck this, I’m not continuing the job” and killing Bats was an amazing scene. I also liked how Buddy’s character became more thrilling after his girlfriend was murdered. The final fight with Baby and Buddy was tense and exciting, mainly because of how breakneck the editing was.

The first action scenes being disappointing spoiled the quality of the film for me, but it was still a fun experience. I might rewatch it sometime.

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I think the movie had some great energy, really strong car action and an overwhelming amount of charisma. Ansel Elgort, who typically ends up in roles that I dislike, did great work here with what was mostly a physical performance.

If Debora had been developed a little more by the film, I think the romance would work better than it does.


i really enjoyed it, mostly bc films with these kinds of plots tend to be really visually boring, with standard filmmaking/directing choices etc and this felt so fresh and visually interesting, it kept me excited through the whole thing.

edgar wright has absolutely no idea what to do with women, ever, and its soooo disappointing if you’ve ever watched Spaced but he’s such a good film maker, that makes it up for me. the editing and music choices were just so slick and finely tuned and so much care had been put into how it was made, idk i loved it, i came out of it absolutely delighted, big smile on my face.

i did have to be careful not to speed all the way home though, but changing gear felt VERY COOL.


I’m really weighing up between watching this and Alone in Berlin. My film reviewer of choice has given it a glowing review, which has definitely made me interested in it.

I think there’s a decent chunk of people who don’t care for the various things this movie is (car heist romance musical) and are going to not have a great time.

But I would have enjoyed it even if it was just okay at all of the things it tries to be (rather than fantastic). I was here on the promise of a ton of stunt driving alone.

I think Baby Driver is the best mainstream film Hollywood has put out in years. So much fun on every level, and even some worthwhile emotional depth.

My one complaint is that the female characters deserved more fleshing out, but at least they’re not used in a problematic way that I picked up on.

I absolutely blooming loved this, with the previously noted reservations about the women characters and a slightly Magical Negro vibe from his deaf foster dad. Very much my bag.

You know how pop music mostly iterates upon the same basic themes and archetypes but manages to stay fresh with little bits of added innovation of technique and specificty of emotional detail? Yeah, that. The story, action and characters all have obvious ancestors - Thief and Heat, Driver, Bullitt, most Walter Hill films and basically any movie about somebody tring to leave The Life - but are handled in such a fresh way (the dead parents trope definitely got added weight from the detail of the smashed iPod imho), and with that dynamite editing and choreography, it didn’t matter. You can even look at Elgort as a manufactured pop star: partly a cipher, but enough glimpses of personality to sell it.

I did not know that song was called Tequila!


When Edgar Wright pitched it to his producers he described it as a car movie where the music is the driver.


This is exactly what I’ve been struggling to articulate myself. It deals with broad strokes, familiar character types, never digging too deep, but remixing it all to add his own vision. Given that, none of it was going to be especially groundbreaking thematically, but when it comes to form it’s something else.

Impeccable editing, incredible practical stunts, a washed out fuzzy 70s palette, and shoot-outs that are so timed to music that they become almost experimental. Also, I was surprised by how much of an Atlanta movie it actually is, given how most things shot there try to shrug off the location as generic or pass for New York.

Anyone else feel like the first car chase was never really surpassed? Some of the dynamic drift shots were stunning.

ETA: Shout out to the one other guy in the theater who laughed when the proto-BD Mint Royale music video with Noel Fielding appears on the TV.


Honestly, my favorite part of the movie was realizing not only did the movie take place in downtown Atlanta, but I had also frequented the streets and freeway during my undergrad years ago. Almost no movies take place in Georgia, and those that do tend to use it as America’s Vancouver or as a terrible racial stereotype location.

Other than that, I wasn’t expecting the movie to be so centered around its soundtrack both as a way to punctuate actions in each scene and as a form of character development.


I really enjoyed it. Went with two mates who knew nothing about the film and they both came out with massive smiles on their faces, one of them declaring “that was a fucking blast and I want to see it again tomorrow”. Which I think/hope is exactly what Wright was shooting for.

Spacey was an absolute beast as well.