Baby Park Is Obviously the Best 'Mario Kart 8' Track

'Mario Kart 8' is Switching it up, and Baby Park still has it.

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Baby Park is very, very good. I wish it had twice the number of laps sometimes.

I also enjoy its older brother, Excitebike Arena. They are two beautiful brothers.


Baby Park might be the best, but Big Blue is by far the saxiest.


Big fan of Shy Guy Falls.

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I don’t know what it’s called but I always had a lot of respect for the track that’s an island shaped like Yoshi, which is somehow distinct from Yoshi’s Island, even though Yoshi is Island.

If I had to crown a winner for best track I’d try to make a case for Excitebike Arena, but in my heart I race in Mute City where the only rule is that we gotta go fast as hell.


I am not a fan of Baby Park. Or the Rainbow Roads, either, because I am a reckless drifter/booster, and the lack of guard rails gets me more than I’d like to admit.

My favorite MK8 track would have to be Animal Crossing. It’s just so cute, the changing seasons add variety, and it’s a nice, pleasant ride. Neo Bowser City is a contender though, because that rainy neon atmosphere is just so cool.

you could up the number of laps in double dash, maybe to 9 if i remember? that was a fun little extra. but yeah i wish there was a proper setting for it.

infinite baby park

This is a fascinating conversation y’all are having but it’s really weirding me out how frequently you’ve mispelled Mount Wario.


DreamWork’s The Boss Baby Park


Baby Park evens the field, certainly, but is it the most fun? MK8 is first and foremost about the music and I’ll be damned if I can recall that track’s track. If I want an item free-for-all I’ll go to battle mode. If I want to race and drift give me a Mount Wario, Yoshi Circuit, or Toad Harbor.
OR if I’m playing correctly (for the music) I’ll get some sax blasting from Dolphin Shoals or sweet pop in Super Bell Subway. Or just hang out on the start screen.

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DK Mountain, Wii, please.

@WTHall That’s the same as the Double Dash DK course? Then yes yes yes

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the dolphin shoals sax ramping up when you come out of the water is.

and every time, too.


YES. I’m not even a huge fan of that track overall, but when you come off the eel tail and out of the water… just incredible.

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THANK :clap: U :clap: SOMEONE :clap: FINALLY :clap: SAYS :clap: IT :clap:

Ribbon Road is my favourite.

Excitebike Arena > Baby Park, because of the ramps. Also, the MK8 BP doesn’t feel as frantic as the Double Dash BP to me.

grumble volcano or go home