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Anyone got any recommendations on a great MMO to get into these days (and maybe, preferably, free-to-play)?

Looking for something that isn’t too hardcore and has some sociability among the players. I’ve always enjoyed MMOs where you can just hang out and chat between action and has some social things to get involved in like LOTR

I’ve dabbled a lot in EVE and WoW and don’t really want to go back to those. Considered Elder Scrolls but not sure if it’s worth a long term investment.

That’s really all the ones I can think of off the top of my head.


I’m also looking for something to play that has a more social aspect. I like the idea of MMO’s but I really want a game that has a lot of interactions between players.


I wish I liked Guild Wars 2 more considering I gave ArenaNet 80 bucks for it

I should get back into Warframe because it’s like cybergoth Phantasy Star Online


Guild Wars 1 was a golden age MMO for me. The PVP was great and the social aspect was among the best.

Guild Wars 2 didn’t come close to the expectations I had. I liked the PVP and it was neat how they mixed up some of the PVE grind mechanics, but there was a lot lacking I felt.


FFXIV seems like the hottest thing going right now. It’s free up to level 30 I think?


Final Fantasy 14 is a subscription mmo but in my time with it I’ve found the community moooooostly positive (or at least it’s been easier to find groups of people you fit in with). There’s a ton of casual content, and if you like to dress up and play house with your guild buddies there’s a lot of opportunities and support for that. There’s nothing that explicitly makes it social, though, I guess, but it’s the first MMO where I’ve ever chatted with the pugs and had a good time so.


If you wanna pay I think FFXIV feels like the best bet at the moment. It has a really dedicated playerbase and a good amount of content already released + announced soon. The other big ones ATM don’t feel like they have the same amount of, I guess ‘life’ around them?


FFXIV definitely has some solid things going for it, though I never really got into it. I’ve been playing WoW since closed beta and have yet to really break away from it so I feel like that always keeps me from getting too into a new MMO. I’ve heard a lot of people have fun with Elder Scrolls as well. I dabbled with it briefly and I kind of want to try it out again when the Morrowind expac drops!


The Morrowind expansion definitely interests me in Elder Scrolls but I may wait to hear more on how much content there is.

I’ve played FFXIV til about level 10 or 15 and it is very cool but the late game content seems like a turn-off with the big, very technical raids. I don’t really know much about the game outside those areas though.


The only technically challenging stuff in FF14 are the Savage mode raids, imo, and you don’t have to do the Savage mode really. The current raid and the future raid both have an easier normal mode that’s very puggable and requires only an above-average handle on the game mechanics. Savage is if you want to become hardcore, basically. You can gear up well enough to do any non-Savage content by doing daily and weekly stuff. The Primals also have an Extreme mode but you also don’t really have to do that one.


Hang around till the end of the month and The Secret World is about to go F2P. That game has one of the best stories – or at least, most fun, most interesting stories – of all the games I’ve ever played. Not even ‘for an MMO.’ The story is so much fun.

And hopefully their F2P revamp will make the combat better and the Tokyo section not be butt.


LOTRO was the best purely for the music system. if a game lets me make a band and play eye of the tiger with 6 people then it can’t be bad. also i always liked the holiday events, and the community was surprisingly nice for an MMO when i was around? but that may have just been my server. (landroval eyy)

i dabble in ESO and i like it, buuut that’s going into it with the bias of already liking elder scrolls in general . i would say buy it if there’s a good sale or wait for the morrowind expansion? which i’m hoping is good based on how much they’re charging for it even for existing players, eesh. i know it comes with a class that lets you have a bear friend at least

SWTOR had my favorite group play of any MMO from the bit i played it a while back (all the classes are voiced and can talk during quests and you vote on the group’s response, feels v immersive), but i never got far enough into it to know how far in the game maintains that dynamic.


Yeah I really enjoyed the setting and story of The Secret World. I hope the new F2P changes will work out.


While playing the story stuff with a friend got kinda weird at times (the shared instances where your friend gets no progress even if they’re the same class as you was bizarre) healing dungeon content in SWTOR was one of my favorite healing experiences in any MMO. The healing rotations are super solid and engaging and just a joy to execute. I wish there was an MMO with that kind of healing kit and consistent challenging content.


the secret world was so close to being one of my favorite games ever but i couldn’t get past the jank (at launch)

i’ll definitely check it out again when f2p launches.


That’s pretty much the reason I loved LOTRO, screw saving the world, I just want to jam. But now I’m kinda afraid of going back to it. Is it still active?


The end game isn’t terribly difficult, it’s just a matter of getting the gear for it, which is something of a time sink.

Additionally, there’s ways to reach the highest item level without doing the endgame raids too-tokens from just about every you do can be exchanged for it.

Asides from that, I’d recommend 14. There’s no real need to play multiple characters as you can be everything on one. Additionally, though it’s something of a slog due to it being years of patches long at this point, the main story line is quiet good. As are the sidequest ones that pop up.

Lots of fanservice (in terms of characters, music, monsters, items, etc), so if you’re a Final Fantasy fan it’s a real hoot.


Except for A9S, though that got nerfed pretty badly :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, speaking of FFXIV hard content, fuck Aurum Vale, am I right?


I have friends who have concocted ways to avoid Aurum Vale while leveling.

It’s a beautiful thing.


i haven’t played it myself in a good while, but from what i can tell it’s still chugging along. small community, but more dedicated and welcoming because of it, in my experience. i never got to end game content, though-- i last left off stuck in the mines of moira because that area felt like a slog. didn’t help that it gave me dragon age deep roads flashbacks, and i was playing a guardian, which made killing things take forever solo.