Backloggd (for those that are looking for a gaming journal site like Letterboxd)

Since this has already been discussed a bit on the Waypoint Discord starting about last year, I wanted to also share Backloggd here for those that didn’t hear about it or were waiting for future updates. It was just updated to 1.3 with a new journaling feature that I feel is fairly in-depth and works better than how similar sites (i.e. GG) function (at least to my personal taste) when it comes to marking played games. I’ll share a couple of screenshots here:

Profile page (games listed here are those that I have played in some way, finished or not). You can filter all of your played games by status through the Apply Filters button

The journal function. This got a nice update as you can now mark a specific status for different games and also give additional details on specific playthroughs

Annotation 2020-04-05 224904

And how they look on a profile’s Journal page

Feel free to check it out here if you’re curious:
(+ My Backloggd account:

Note: I did not create the site, all credit goes to MrProg for creating and developing it


This post made me check out the site to sign up but I found that I already have an account lol. Just started blogging again so I already have a place to log my thoughts on games (in addition to Backloggery, which has been my favorite due to its flexibility) but Backloggd looks quite attractive. I’ll spend the day filling my profile out.


I have found GOG 2.0 to be very good for busting my backlog. Having all my games centralized in one storefront (instead of across 8 storefronts) and able to be tagged has helped a lot for tracking what I have and haven’t played.

My Backloggd is on my profile, but here’s a link!:

(Here’s my Letterboxd, also, if you care!)

What I’ve appreciated about Letterboxd lately is that it being able to get a short dopamine hit of crossing something off a list is a nice incentive to do something I want to do more of anyway, which is watching movies. It’s not fun to admit, but it works on me. (Man, I should get into GoodReads, huh?)

Is this why people like to-do lists?

But I’m not sure Backloggd has the same effect yet. I’m going to have to continue to use the service to see if it’s actually effective at getting me to go through my backlog. I think the answer is yes, but it’s hard to tell, partially due to the length of games. Which is why I’m also very happy that they’ve added the variable option for completion.


I think what might lead to a feeling close to that as you mentioned would be making smaller and more specialized backlogs through lists. I didn’t think too much about using it that way until yesterday when I expanded my PC Game Pass list and saw how big that backlog was (if you’re curious). It’s a little easier for me to understand my backlog when I’m able to break it up into different launchers or franchises. It’s sort of what I also do on LB as I’ve made some Criterion Channel lists focused on specific themes (i.e. a watchlist of all of the Columbia Noir films added this month).

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This is violence.


Seems like the right score to me :stuck_out_tongue:


This is how I felt when I saw the average review score for The First Purge on Letterboxd.

Just made my own account and followed everyone on here! I love Goodreads and Letterboxd as it gives a sense of completionism and I love looking at lists.

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It’s a little hard to decide where to put things like Animal Crossing, which I’ve played enough of to have a rating but which I will technically still be ‘playing’ at least for a few more months, if not another year. Still, I could use a site to remember what the heck I’ve played and plan to. Add me!

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I think what you could do in that case would be to just mark AC as “Played” while also mark it as Playing through the Backlog option. It would make sense to keep it under “Playing” and then put it under “Retired” if you ever stop playing it as it’s specifically meant for games without an ending. Another interesting way I saw of logging games like that (and could technically work for any game you play as the Journal is flexible) would be to go on Backloggd each day you play AC and mark it as played to show which games you played on a specific day, but that would be a bit more intense.

Edit: For endless games, I’ll also mention an additional condition that I personally added for marking battle royale games in that along with marking the base game as “Played”, I’ve also logged specific seasons as “Completed” or “Abandoned” depending on if I actively played a game throughout most of its season or not. So for example, I actively played Fortnite through season 5-7, and I specifically gave 6 and 7 the “Completed” mark since I completed their battle passes (5 gets a “Played” mark since I started playing Fortnite late in the season and didn’t have enough time to complete the battle pass). However, I only played a little of season 8 and then soon took a break from Fortnite, so I marked that season as abandoned.

I’ve also been using “played” as a way of marking off games that “Completed” isn’t accurate for. I’ve occasionally used “Retired”, but that’s more of me dunking on Overwatch than anything.


Considering my Backloggery is about, I dunno, six years out of date (seven? eight?), maybe it is time to just bite the bullet and start over.

I’ll give this a site a shot next time I feel organizing-ly.

These sites are always more fun the more people you can connect with.

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Ooooooh, this looks neat! I’m gonna give it a whirl.

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My Backloggd

My Letterboxd

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Smashing that mf’ing follow button

I haven’t posted on here in a while but I’ve been using Backloggd somewhat regularly since December or so. My favorite part about Letterboxd is getting my very short, quippy thoughts on something I just experienced out, so that’s usually what I’m doing here as well.

I’m glad they have the expansive stuff for journaling now but all I really want is some sort of comment system and a way to sort by more specific criteria.

Oh, also, I have some writing in my lists if you’re interested in that. It’s just my writeups for GotY but those are the most I write outwardly about games these days.

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Here’s my profile if anyone’s interested! I haven’t written many reviews yet, but the two I have are incredibly on brand! This seems like a great tool for recording how I feel about games as I play them.

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As someone who has kept updating a .txt file for the past few years that’s a list ranking my favorite games, this is extremely my shit. I didn’t know websites like this existed for video games to be honest! Here’s my profile:


i started making one of these today, going through everything i’ve played from oldest consoles to new stuff and… oh lord how have i played so many video games

i’ll share it once i’m done but it might take me a day or two to add everything from steam and my switch. i’m only through basically everything i played from when i was a kid up until like… six years ago, and it’s at 151 games.

Edit: here it is.