Bad D&D Plot Hooks

So there’s a Twitter account called Bad D&D Plot Hooks and it has stuff like this: An archmage proves unstoppable when she utilizes Mage Hand to go for high-fives and low-fives at the same time.

As an exercise, I want to challenge the forum to take some of these hooks and flesh them out a bit (250 words or less I think is fair) into Bad D&D Plot Summaries or something like that??

So I’ll start:

The PCs hear that the town of Neverwinter has been ravaged by what sounds like the machinations of a death cult. Large swaths of the population have taken their own lives after entering some sort of trance, leading the party to believe that demons have possessed the townsfolk and driven them to this. In order to learn more about this happening, the party charters a cart to take them to Skullport where they can hopefully find a shady character to teach them about demonic magic. En route, however, they receive a Sending spell that informs them that Waterdeep has suffered a similar fate. One of the PCs, thinking that this sounds awfully familiar to them, suggests that the flora in Faerun may be evolving to attack the people living there. Investigation is surely warranted, and thankfully, a druid is in the party. The PCs cast Speak with Plants and, unsurprisingly, learn very little.



The PCs embark on a quest to find Mary of House Jane. After asking around the tavern, thieves hall, warrior’s guild, and mage tower, the party Druid returns from communing in the local forest and shakes their head at their square friends before producing a few grams from their pocket.

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“The PCs wrestle with confusing new sensations after mysterious herbs in Forgath of the Fat Rips’ funeral pyre result in a hot-box situation.” They have been hired to protect Forgath’s partner and husband, Grinnolf Tokefort, as set down in Forgath’s will, since Forgath believed himself to be the target of the Zentarum for his great deals on dank nugs. Grinnolf is the last remaining protector of Forgath’s botanical secrets, and so the party must defend him from Zentarum assassins. They must do so without killing any of the mourners in the process, since everybody in attendance has begun to hallucinate.

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