Baked potatoes, do you eat the skin?

  • Yes it’s very yummy!
  • No those things were in the dirt!

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There is no maybe. You are either for or against the consumption of the spud skin.


i mean i don’t know why you wouldn’t it’s not like they’re a kiwifruit


We invented water so we could wash potatoes and other underground veggies!

I wouldn’t necessarily say the skin is yummy, but it is a nice change in texture and it would be weird to leave it there.


Once the first cut is made into the potato it’s potato stuffed into a potato skin which technically makes it a sandwich.


You could make the argument that the mashed potatoes on poutine are a sauce


the dirt never did anything wrong :tired_face:


Baked potatoes: eating skin all the way

Twice baked potatoes: the skin is a bowl! Can’t eat a bowl!


Judging from the current 15 votes this case is closed!


Spoiler; apparently you’re meant to eat kiwifruit skin and all o_o


Hell yes! Brushed with oil and sprinkled with salt.


without skin to add a little variance and texture, you just have starch fluff.


I’m not really a baked potato person, but I’m not sure why you wouldn’t eat the skin. Unless (like @Navster said) it’s twice baked and you’re spooning the contents out of an all-natural bowl.


SMH at the people with their twice baked potato bowls. It’s not an all natural bowl people, it’s a gigantic chip pre-loaded with dip or a really short potato taco. You pick the bastard up and start chomping.


The best part of twice baked potatoes is eating the smoother center with the harder skin.


I would hope anyone who prepares you a baked potato cleans them thoroughly? I personally eat the skin. I got a lot of baked potatoes when I lived in NYC because there was always a place nearby my job that made chopped salads, Mission-style burritos and big baked potatoes with all the fixings off the salad bar.


If anyone visits Edinburgh there’s an amazing vegetarian baked tattie takeaway between the train station and the Royal Mile. They also do vegan filings.


Wait, people eat the insides?


For me, it depends on what you are doing with the potato. If you are cooking Pollo Guisado, a stew that has chicken and potatoes, I would skin the potato because the skin would get soggy and be bad texture wise. If you are doing a baked potato, then I would leave the skin on because the skin hardens and provides a nice texture for the potato. Interesting topic!


The idea has never even crossed my mind to NOT eat it. Why wouldn’t I? That stuff is so dang delicious.


I guess I’ll be the fool who answers in the negative, but my answer mostly hinges on the fact that I think baked potatoes are bad and to eat the skin is to eat the entire thing which I’d rather not do. People in this thread seem to be representing the skin of the potato as some delicious and flavorful thing and I’d hate to think of a space alien reading this thread coming down to Earth to try it only to be disappointed because baked potatoes, inside and outside, are a trash potato preparation. Who knows what that space alien might do in retaliation. Dear space alien: roasted with garlic or fried is the way to go with potatoes.