'Baldur's Gate 3' Tries to Capture the Chaos of D&D Gone Horribly Wrong

The Baldur's Gate 3 demo is going hilariously, spectacularly wrong in a way that feels more like an actual D&D session than any PC adaptation I've ever played. The party is in the introductory zone of the game, on their second encounter, and it looks like they're on the cusp of a Total Party Kill. The kiss of the death might be, after the party's cleric was knocked on her ass by a witch-bolt and a bunch of thieves moved to surround her, the rogue decided to throw a flaming grease grenade in the crowd setting everyone on fire but especially the cleric, who was instantly burned to a cinder.

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Only problem I really have so far is this really doesn’t feel like Baulders Gate 3… It feels like Divinity Original Sin 3 in Forgotten Realms, everything from the text to the UI, to the past tense dialogue options. It all just looks like a D&D mod strapped onto Baulders Gate

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The past-tense, summed up lines of dialogue might be enough to singlehandedly kill my interest in this game tbh.

It seems drenched in crunchy D&D stuff and it looks like it has a ton of customization and emergent chaos. This appeals to me!


As someone who enjoys D&D and loved Original Sin 2, I’m really excited for this game. But I think the most interesting part is the resting mechanic Rob detailed.

A bunch of characters sitting around a fire talking about what the adventure means to them immediately gets at so much of what I love about RPGs, though I do wonder how they’ll tackle the sheer amount of content/writing/voiceover that would have to be there for conversations not to repeat (in D&D my party rests an awful lot).


Its so weird (in a good way) to see an isometric RPG with a damn near triple AAA level budget. Anyway I’ve never played Baldur’s Gate but I loved Divinity Original Sin 2 so count me excited.


listening to the latest Beastcast and hearing that in the demo someone took off their boots and threw them to stun an enemy is exactly the type of shit I want to see out of these kinds of games.

I think in the Tabletop RPG space I prefer something closer to Disco Elysium in terms of actual roleplay, but the combat of D&D lends it self so well to creative thinking in terms of tactics rather than conversation and that still works so well in videogames for me. Really happy Larian is going in that direction.


This looks like Divinity: Tales of the Sword Coast, which is no bad thing at all. It just doesn’t look very Baldurs Gate from that demo.

Maybe I just need to see some Kobold massacres and neurotic wizards.

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This demo looks cool as hell. I thought Baldur’s Gate was literally about the Norse God Baldur and never played the other two, but a tactical RPG about Cthulhu spaceships and dragons sounds awesome.