Barker Ashpaw Fan Club (A Pyre Thread)

The new game from Supergiant is out and people seem to like it! Thoughts? Opinions? Screeds about how it isn’t Bastion 2?

I’ve played about two hours and think it’s super rad and I kinda of hate sports and visual novels. Also, hot damn this game looks good!:

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I’ve only played an hour but I’m looking forward to more. Especially if the A.I. keeps getting harder. Definitely feels more like a management game with a story than a visual novel to me though. (But I also don’t play visual novels because I don’t really like them.)

Also I’m kind of glad that Supergiant is dedicated to trying something new with every game they make. As much as I like Bastion and Transistor, I don’t really feel like those games need sequels.

I like sports games and can definitely get into a VN if it’s good enough so really looking forward to playing this one. I’m also interested to see if this is the Supergiant game that really vibes with me. I think Bastion and Transistor are totally fine and definitely super well made but they just never really clicked with me. One thing I can point to for sure as something I wasn’t into in either was the really intense narration. From what I’ve seen of this one it ditches that so maybe this will be the one!

This one is definitely more dialogue driven for sure, if that’s your thing. There is narration, but it’s mostly done as a sort of mystical color commentator during the sportsball sequences.

Finished it, loved the music, writing, and design but I gotta think on the ending for a bit, and whether I liked it or not, heh.

The music in this is real good for sure:

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Let get our Pyre on!

I played 90-ish minutes yesterday and I am loving it. Ti’zo is my favorite so far, and I love the music, the art, and the gameplay is proving to be really deep. I’m winning matches but know I’m barely scratching the surface on strategy.

One thing I really like in “sports” games is when losing is okay, an expected thing as part of your career. This game has that going on systemically, but I think they fumbled the difficulty curve a bit. It was pretty trivial for quite a while followed by a very sudden spike, and even though the strategy aspect of the game is built to accept losing as an outcome I feel as though the game hasn’t prepared me well for what I’m now facing and I’m finding it a bit frustrating.

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I was getting annoyed by how easy and utterly incompetent the ai was in the early stages, but after facing tougher teams, the gameplay has really blossomed. The controls feel tight and varied. The art is very pretty, as expected. I feel like there hasn’t been enough banter between the crew, so that has left me a little distant from the characters but Jodi is rad so the game makes up for it.

Even against the relatively easy AI early in the game I’ve found myself learning some strategies at least. In my rite against the titular Barker Ashpaw I essentially learned what an alley-oop was in this game when the opposing triumvirate snuck an exile onto my pyre that I didn’t notice. And then passed the orb over my defensive line and dunked it before I could stop them. It was a really neat moment. Even if I stomped them in the overall rite.


Mustache dog!


Well I finished this tonight and I have to say I am incredibly impressed. I haven’t personally seen a piece of fantasy fiction so Human since the Earthsea books and that is not a comparison I make lightly. My only real complaint is that the AI is a bit all over the place. Most games I would stomp all over it and then a few others the AI would murder me in a glorious flash with few finding the right balance. Still it plays fantastically enough I ended up not caring and it was though when it most counted with the final fight only being won by the skin of my teeth.

Maybe two weeks from now this game will somehow pull a milkshake duck ala Bioshock: Actually Both Sides but in the mean time I adore this game, it is the game I wanted Persona 5 to be and so much more and I sincerely hope it will get the same level of praise that game received and then some and I am already saddened that it almost certainly will not for reasons I both will never fully understand and understand all too well.

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I really like how the game forces you to use all the characters, although I can’t play with Sir Eyeball for the life of me. I’ve completed multiple rites so far and each time I fill up with more dread, since the enemies get harder and my prefered characters get scarcer.

I love the worldbuilding, the characters, the artstyle and the music. It’s all clicking for me in a way no other of the Supergiant Games have so far. I was ready to fall in love with Transistor, but playing it I just couldn’t get into it.

The part I appreciate most is that in any other sports-adjacent game, I would be annoyed if I had to use players I didn’t like to play as, but the fact that any forced roster change actually has legitimate story implications means I can actually appreciate why it happens. Even when it’s something as minor as character details like, “I really don’t like that guy, so I’d rather not participate this time.”

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I’m interested to see how many people enjoy the worldbuilding of this game. There’s more dialogue here then I think any other Supergiant game, but I found all of it interesting. I found myself skimming through the Book after a point, just because I wanted to rush to the end, but I think I’ll go back and try and unlock the other pages and read through them in order.

There are also SO many variations, it’s kind of mindblowing. Who gets to leave on a particular rite,
whether someone on your team if you win, or the opposing team, when you lose, along with all those little epilogues.
The fact that all these different things are accounted for and explained by the game’s end is really great and makes me want to play through and try things differently. That said, the “which path you take” choices are much less impactful, and I was barely thinking about them outside of which characters I wanted to use for the next match and how that would affect them.

Listening to the Beastcast, Dan isn’t into it with the visual novel part. And not everyone will like that since it is a lack of movement and heavy on reading.

Out of curiosity, does anyone here have a favorite track on the OST?

Personally I can’t stop listening to Path to Glory and Never to Return. Path to Glory because it feels like a middle ground between the general feel of both Bastion and Transistor’s OSTs which is an interesting space. Never to Return because it really captures the feeling of the Liberation Rites and the songs with lyrics on Supergiant OSTs are pretty much always stellar. (Not that the rest of the soundtrack isn’t.)


Path to Glory, In the Flame. Oh and Dread Design. I have never heard a Darren Korb track get so grimey before and it’s great.

Can I just say all of it?