Barker Ashpaw Fan Club (A Pyre Thread)



I need to make this 15 characters.


I just finished it. I thought my ending was very satisfying, but I’m also feeling gutted over some of the choices and sacrifices I had to make. This is probably one of my favorite experiences this year.


Cool easter egg for those who’ve finished the game/met: Oralech. In multiplayer (WHICH I LOVE),
his hope stat is at 1. This makes sense, considering his story.

YO Jen Zee is posting triumverates of Transistor. Please do Bastion next!


Poking around, I was surprised by the number of streamers/videomakers who either described the Rites as very difficult/complicated to get the hang of, or who demonstrated firsthand their own difficulty with it. There were definitely mechanical elements that I myself completely overlooked, underused, or simply misunderstood, but even as I struggled with those things, I did not have the feeling of “wow, this is super hard to understand” in my own unspoiled playthrough.

What was y’all’s experience with the mechanics of the Rites? Did you find the system intuitive/unintuitive/not particularly one or the other?


I found them a bit easy to be honest. I only lost like three match and one of them was on purpose. I also never really had any issues with understanding them or how they worked


By the end of the first cycle, I had the mechanics down well enough that I never really had much trouble after that. I honestly had more trouble with the crystal ball trials and that was just because they were one on one. The controls felt mostly intuitive on a controller as well, at least to me. Does anyone have input on how the K+M controls feel? I could see that maybe being one of the issues.


I used mouse and keyboard! Full “click to move” mode, I didn’t touch WASD at all. It was all right – I mean, I put it on easy mode after one of the Scribe Trials was frustrating me (G’s or T’s, I don’t remember), although the joke was probably on me since in retrospect I don’t think difficulty level affects the Scribe Trials, haha. But, I think because movement was limited to the Rites and not used to navigate throughout the entire game, I actually found it less wonky than mouse/keyboard for Bastion and Transistor!


Finished this game the other night and absolutely loved it. Obviously I’m a few months late, but I’m surprised this thread hasn’t dealt with the obligatory question: who did you send home?

Cutting this for long/detailed spoilers

In order I sent home:

  • The Moon-Touched Girl (I named her Rhae), because she’s a kid
  • Tamitha, because I was having trouble with her Rite and Pamitha wanted her home anyway, so I let myself lose
  • Rukey, he’s a good dog
  • Sir Gilman, because I thought he’d regained his honor standing up to Deluge
  • Jodariel, after I finally got her backstory
  • Hedwyn, so he could be with his girlfriend and his original teammates
  • Pamitha at the final Rite, because I thought she wasn’t as bad as she considered herself to be, and even when she offered me a chance to go home I thought I should uphold my choice to send her back.

Which left Volfred, Bertrude and Ti’zo, although all of them seemed okay with being left behind.

This got me a peaceful ending despite Tamitha being free- but I wasn’t prepared for Oralech committing suicide. I’m going to try to save him when I replay, and maybe get closer to Sandra. I’m really curious to see the variations in each ending. This game is so detailed in dealing with every choice you make.


I don’t remember the full order anymore, but I do remember that:

  • I sent Rukey home first
  • I sent Gilman home somewhat early, because although I loved him to bits I could not get the hang of his gameplay at all. Ironically, he MVP’d in his liberation rite.
  • I sent Hedwyn and *ae home before I sent Jodariel home and felt massively horrible and guilty about it. I both loved her and relied on her and couldn’t bear to part with her, but after how brokenhearted she was about not being with *ae to protect her, I couldn’t possibly conscience it anymore.
  • I also left Volfred, Bertrude, and Ti’zo downside, plus a fourth person – Pamitha – because I also half-threw for Tamitha’s liberation and also offered Oralech the spot when Pamitha gave it to me.


I found this podcast quite interesting. I disagree with several of their points, and they are factually incorrect on several points (most hilariously/inconsequentially on what Rukey’s name actually is), but they also raise some things that are interesting to think about – and of the podcasts I have heard on the topic, I think this is the first one that I have heard actually going after the Scribes for the setup of the Rites.


After having finished this game last week, I came to the conclusion that it is my GOTY, as far as I’m concerned. I fell in love with the characters, the world-building, and the music, in a way that I do with few other games.

As far as who I sent home (and other spoilers):

  • First off, I sent Rukey home
  • I sent Ti’zo home afterwards, mostly because I still couldn’t get rid of Hedwyn and Jodariel(they were the only other ones I could liberate)
  • Then, I sent Fae(the moon-touched girl) home, which was particularly heart-wrenching because I loved her character (and also because I thought she’d live a better life with the Resistance than in the Downside)
  • I sent Jodariel and Bertrude home, the former because I wanted her to go back and take care of Fae(and also because I felt like she really deserved to go back, after 16 years of surviving in what is essentially living hell), and the latter because, well, she can run the Revolution’s printing press, therefore helping them in a very meaningful way
  • I sent Hedwyn home, mostly because I felt really bad for him, and wanted him to be reunited with Jodariel, Rukey, and his lover
  • At the final rite, I chose to free myself because I just really wanted to be reunited with everyone whom I’ve freed so far.

Ultimately, I left Sir Gilman, Volfred and Pamitha home, which ended up mostly well for them (Pamitha lost her ability to fly after a fight with Tamitha, but at least they made up and they’re on good terms now)

One of the things that impressed me the most about this game was how dynamic the soundtrack is, not only with how the end credits song reflects your choices throughout the game, but also with how there is a variation of Never to Return for every single team that you can fight (the Dissidents’ and the Withdrawn’s versions are the best ones)


I’m digging the world so far, as well as the way it’s expressed. I like the visual novel aspects, the art style they’re using and the way it expresses itself in their world and, as with all Supergiant Games releases thus far, the music is amazing. It feels like a steady blend of these thing.

I just don’t ACTUALLY like playing the Rites so far. I can’t find a good control scheme that works for me and feels natural. Playing it with its KB+M settings just doesn’t feel good. Using WASD doesn’t feel natural to me anymore, and their click-to-move system is also weird to me after playing so much stuff where RMB is what moves you around. Most everyone I know has played it with a controller though, so I’m about to try that out for my next Rite and hopefully that changes things. If not, well there’s no such thing as a Game Over for losing, so that’s reassuring.

It doesn’t help that, for a number of reasons, I’d rather gut myself than play a Sports Game.


I just finished this game and feel very silly for not playing it earlier…


I sent all the Nightwings home except Xae, Ti’zo, and myself. I thought about sending Xae instead of Volfred at the end, but how the Commonwealth treated her was awful to me on a more personal, real level than the scenarios the other characters faced, and didn’t think that world deserved a second chance with her, revolution or no.


Good News Everyone! Playing it on a controller is way better, which means I can actually, like play this game now.


Update: Sandra is, quite literally, my wife and I love her.